College Of Lake County 2020 Spring Screening Series

The Lake County Film Festival is pleased to be bringing back our Independent Film Screening Series on the 3rd Friday of each month, to run alongside the International Film Screening Series on the 1st Friday of each month.

All screenings free and are held on Friday nights, at 7 p.m. in Room C105

You can also stay up to date on film events in Lake County at our Lake County Film Calendar.

February 7th
Long Days Journey Into Night (China, 2018)
directed by Gan Bi

A low-level criminal returns home after years of hiding out, crossing paths with his lost love, as well as the new gangsters in her life. Here, Film Noir content meets beguiling Art-House style: lush cinematography, immersive sound, and enigmatic dream logic. This haunting mood piece culminates in an audacious, hour-long tracking shot (originally shown in 3-D!). Movie-star casting and an aura of romantic melancholy made Long Day’s Journey into Night a surprising box office hit. “Plot seems an afterthought, the experience is all that matters … soak up the atmosphere and enter a world unlike any seen before… a flat-out masterpiece.” (The Playlist)   

February 21st
Once Upon A River (USA, 2019)
directed by Haroula Rose

After her father’s violent death, Native American teenager Margo Crane flees down Michigan’s Stark River in search of her estranged mother. On the way, she encounters allies, enemies, danger, and the beauty of nature, all while coming to grips with her past and her own identity. A Midwestern Gothic coming-of-age fable set along the riverbanks, Chicago musician-filmmaker Haroula Rose’s debut feature is an evocative marriage of Winter’s Bone and Huckleberry Finn.

Filmed In Antioch, IL

March 6th
Transit (Germany, 2018)
directed by Christian Petzold
The military moves in to occupy Paris. A man assumes the identity of a dead writer, flees to Marseilles, and waits for a visa to escape war-torn Europe. But the locals awaken both fatherly and romantic impulses, challenging his self-centered plans. And is this World War II or the Present Day? Christian Petzold, best known for clever, twisty thrillers, here adds a Kafkaesque dimension to a classic 1940s novel. The result is a mind-bending meditation on emigration that nevertheless maintains a tight emotional grip. “By turns intimate and expansive, Transit is a thrilling, at times harrowing labyrinth of a movie.” (NY Times)

March 20th
Rodents Of Unusual Size (USA, 2017)
Directed by Quinn Costello, Chris Metzler & Jeff Springer

Nutria are monstrous 20 pound swamp rats, an invasive species from South America with a voracious appetite that is eating up the coastal wetlands of Louisiana. Rodents Of Unusual Size follows the multifaceted story of the nutria: their introduction to the United States, their environmental impact, governmental intervention, and those that hunt, wear, and even eat them.

Filmmakers Chris Metzler & Jeff Springer have previously screened the films Plagues & Pleasures Of The Salton Sea and Everyday Sunshine: The Story Of Fishbone at the Lake County Film Festival.

April 3rd
Alphaville (France, 1965)
directed by Jean-Luc Godard

Secret Agent Lemmy Caution is sent to the title city, an alternate future Paris in which emotions are outlawed and an omnipotent computer issues cryptic commands. Navigating a cold landscape of modernist architecture (the film was shot entirely on real locations), he works to destroy the machine and arrest its creator, Professor von Braun. But Caution didn’t count on falling for the man’s daughter. To this pulpy premise the legendary New Wave filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard adds his signature in-jokes, parodies, and philosophical quotations, but the intense, moody style seduces the viewer nevertheless. Winner of the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.

April 17
Tennessee Shorts Night

Lake County Film Festival Director Nat Dykeman has been going to the Nashville Film Festival for the last decade, and in recent years has been doing programming for the festival as well. For this screening, he is bringing some of his favorites back to Lake County.

Currently scheduled:

The Hole Truth
The Brothers Brothers
The Ghosting Of Elizabeth Montgomery

May 1st
Monos (Colombia, 2019)
directed by Alejandro Landes
Hidden above the clouds on a distant mountaintop, a Colombian militia guards a kidnapped American being ransomed by their leaders. The members, however, are all teenagers – easily manipulated, but vulnerable to their own emotional, sexual, and violent impulses. When a series of rash decisions ends in death, the survivors descend into the jungle, literally and otherwise. Though its premise is grounded in contemporary circumstances, the awe-inspiring landscapes of Monos revise Lord of the Flies into pure, elemental cinema. Theresult is “a surreal, sumptuous assault on the senses that’s as lushly beautiful as it’s unforgettable.” (Austin Chronicle)

May 15th
The Way You Look Tonight (USA, 2019)
directed by John Cerrito
Peter is approaching 30 and still trying to navigate modern online dating culture. After a whimsical, romantic evening with a mysterious young woman ends with him waking up alone, Peter tries to put the night behind him by turning to a mythically effective dating site guaranteed to find his perfect match. But with each date from the site, Peter notices strange similarities between each woman and that first amazing date. As he learns the truth about their connection, he’ll discover a whole new world of people and experiences that will make him question the nature of identity, attraction, and love.

The Way You Look Tonight is a romantic drama/comedy infused with magical realism.

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