2021 LCFF

The 2021 Lake County Film Festival was held in-person from November 4 – 15, and virtually from November 18 – 29.

In person screenings were held at The College Of Lake County in Grayslake, The Gorton Center in Lake Forest, and Three Brothers Theatre in Waukegan. About one-third of the selections were also shown virtually through Eventive, with livestreamed Q&As at our YouTube and Facebook pages.

Overall, we showed 29 features (12 Narratives & 17 Documentaries), of which 9 were in our new Rockin’ The Suburbs category for music related films, as well as 102 short films.

Narrative Features:

18 1/2
A Beautiful Curse

A Shot Through The Wall
Cecily & Lydia At The Waypoint
Memoirs Of A Black Girl
Our Father
Paul Dood’s Deadly Lunch Break
See You Next Christmas
See You Then

Voodoo Macbeth
planet b234

Documentary Features:

A Sexplanation
A Tiny Ripple Of Hope
Cat Daddies
Dear Mr. Brody

Guinea Pig Diaries
Missing In Brooks County
United States vs. Reality Winner
When Claude Got Shot
Yes I Am – The Ric Weiland Story

Rockin’ The Suburbs Features:

Bad Animal
Disintegration Loops
Everybody Is Looking For Some Light
The Fable Of A Song
Forever Moore; The Angelo Project
Get Out Alive
Los Hermanos
Out Loud
Sing To Me Sylvie
TOPOWA! – Never Give Up
Vinyl Nation

Short Films:

7am Wednesday (d. Julie Herlocker)
A Moment In Time (d. Brandon Russell)
A Tiny Tale (d. Sylvain Cuvillier, Chloé Bourdic, Théophile Coursimault, Noémie Halberstam, Maÿlis Mosny, Zijing Ye)
Adam’s Hands (d. Gregg Jaffe)
Adjustment Of Status (d. Josh Deal)
All These Men That I’ve Done (d. Lorraine Nolan & Mark Daly)
Am I Next?
Away from It All (d. Mason Thorne)
Ayaan (d. Alies Sluiter)
BiFF (d. Lucia Helenka)
BJ’s Mobile Gift Shop (d. Jason Park)
Bloom (d. Christopher B. Derrick & William A. Derrick III)
Boys (d. Luke Benward)
Break Any Spell (d. Anton Jøsef)
Bridge City Revival
Brief Survey (d. Dava Whisenant)
Bystander (d. Mahmut Akay)
Catharsis (d. Lawrence “LAW” Watford)
The Chocolate Shop
Come On Time (d. Chris Vernon)
Covid Bach (d. Elizabeth Lewis)
Covidependency (d. James Rivard)
Cyn (d. Ben Desmond)
Dear Lily, Love Patrick (d. Jennifer Bartels)
Denzel (d. Michael Gamarano Singleton)
Disconnected (d. Daniel Sheahan)
Duality Derby
Eight Months Later (d. Chris McNeany)
The End Of History (d. Mehdi Akbar)
The Escape (d. Liudmila Komrakova)
EXT. LOS ANGELES (d. Matthew T. Price)
First Week Out (d. Charles Fritschner)
The Flexed Arm Hang (d. Findlay Brown)
The Following Year (d. Miguel Campaña)
Free Fall (d. Emmanuel Tenenbaum)
Fugazi’s Barber (d. Joe Tropea & Robert A. Emmons Jr.)
Galileo (d. Ryan Gentle & Austin Quarles)
The Girl Inside (d. Jason Knade)
Goodbye Janet (d. Will Schneider)
Harmonia Solid (d. Jake Hart)
Hidden City (d. Karen Elizabeth Price)
Homebird (d. Ewa Smyk)
Horse Girl (d. Lua Borges)
The House On Carter Street (d. Shawn Gerrard)
House Sitters (d. Alexander Jeffery & Paul Petersen)
Imago Diabolus (d. Abraham “Mike” Yousaf)
The Impatient Man Who Made His Life Considerably Shorter (d. Louis Norton Selzer)
In A Bad Way (d. Kyle Taubken)
In The Shadow Of The Pines (d. Anne Koizumi)
It’s Always Something (d. Derrick Scocchera)
Jeanne (d. Fabien Remblier)
Joe Buffalo (d. Amar Chebib)
Junior (d. AJ Wilhelm)
Killing Time (d. P. Patrick Hogan)
Landscape 4 (d. Damian Fitzsimmons)
Last Summer (d. Asha Bynum)
Last Summer With Uncle Ira (d. Gary Jaffe & Katie Ennis)
Lemonade Party (d. Alexander Minas)
Lines (d. Claire Fleming)
Maggie May (d. Donna W. Guthrie)
Marcellus Hall: An Artist In New York City (d. Justin Joseph Hall)
The Matchbox Man (d. Gorman Bechard)
Matched (d. Zack Kron)
Medusa’s Cage (d. Christian Martinez & George Whitehill)
Migrants (d. Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte, Zoé Devise)
Miss Alma Thomas: A Life in Color (d. Cheri Gaulke)
Miss Responsibility (d. Clint Till)
Must Love Pie (d. Patrick Clement)
My Dinner With Werner (d. Maverick Moore)
Night Music (d. Lukas Huffman)
Noor & Layla (d. Fawzia Mirza)
Our Mine (d. Shayna Strype)
Paper Geese (d. Elizabeth Chatelain)
Parricide (d. Will Schneider)
Pawsea (or: The Melancholy Ruminations of a Solitary French Bulldog) (d. Tom Gentle & Rupert Clague)
Persistence (d. Leo De Haan)
Photo Op (d. Dava Whisenant)
Please Hold (d. Kristen “KD” Davila)
Raymond (d. Scott Ashby)
Red (d. Katia Koziara)
Resurrection! Airto Moreira & The Preservation Hall Jazz Band (d. Dale Djerassi)
Roberto (Carmen Córdoba González)
The Roots Of Lacrosse (d. Shelby Tsioweri:iohsta Adams & Joanne Storkan)
The Seashell (d. Ron Kahlon)
Self Tape (d. Michael Kunicki)
Sisyphus Rocks It! (d. Ron Fleischer)
Space Rocks! (d. Damien Donnelly)
Swiped (d. Edward J Douglas)
Takeover (d. Emma Francis-Snyder)
The Spinning Man (d.  Jordan Rosenbloom)
The Weather Is Lovely (d. Chun-Chien Lien)
The Westbound Eastbound Remix (d. Rohan Shaanti)
The Wind And The Kite (d. Robert Machoian & Keely Song)
They Salivate (d. Ariane Boukerche)
Tictoc (d. Mark Waters)
Tin Sandwich Blues: A Musician’s Journey (d. Erik Jambor)
Unnecessary Things (d. Dmytro Lisenbart)
US MX (d.  Joseph O Hooten)
Where Should We Go (d. Che O’Grady)
Wolf In Dude’s Clothing (d. Solmund MacPherson)