2022 LCFF

The 12th Lake County Film Festival was held in-person on November 3rd – 6th and November 11th – 14th.

In person screenings were held at The College Of Lake County in Grayslake, in rooms A011, C105, D100, T332, and T334. Additional short film screenings were held at The Gorton Center in Lake Forest on Saturday, November 5th.

You can visit the main website of this year’s festival for descriptions of all the films (currently down), and see the schedule on this google docs spreadsheet.

Overall, we showed 22 features (9 each of Narratives & Documentaries, as well as 4 music documentaries), and 94 short films.

The list of films played at the festival:

Narrative Features:

Days Of Daisy (d. Alexander Jeffery)
Dealing With Dad (d. Tom Huang)
Disfluency (d. Anna Baumgarten)
Jacir جاسر (d. Waheed AlQawasmi)
Out And About (d. Peter Callahan)
Provo (d. Emma Thatcher)
Relative (d. Michael Glover Smith)
The Yellow Wallpaper (d. K. Pontuti)
There’s Something In The Lake (d. Greg Pope)

Documentary Features:

Back To The Drive-In (d. April Wright)
Bernie Langille Wants to Know What Happened to Bernie Langille (d. Jackie Torrens)
Elemental: Reimagining Our Relationship With Wildfire (d. Trip Jennings)
Honk (d. Cheryl Allison)
How (Not) To Build A School In Haiti (d. Jack C. Newell)
Jack Has A Plan (d. Bradley Berman)
The Light We Share (d. Mattie Waters & Jules Downum)
Objects (d. Vincent Liota)
The Thief Collector (d. Allison Otto)

Rockin’ The Suburbs (Music Features):

Big Old Goofy World: The Story Of Oh Boy Records (d. Joshua Britt & Neilson Hubbard)
Roots Of Fire (d. Abby Berendt Lavoi & Jeremey Lavoi)
That Thing That Sound (d. Kelsey Hammer-Parks & Nathan M. Emerson)
The Innocents (d. Wojciech Lorenc)

Short Film Programs:

…She Persisted
Adult Content: Intimate Confessions
Adult Content: Sexual Situations
Animated Shorts
Experimental Shorts
Local Shorts
She Keeps Me Warm
Shorts With Kids
The Souls Of Black Folk
Student Shorts: Documentary
Student Shorts: Narrative
Thoughts & Prayers
Veterans Affairs
We Love Short Shorts

Short Films List:

A Cat Called Jam (d. Lorraine Lordan)
A Close Call (d. Julie Herlocker)
A Good Fight (d. Saurav Mohapatra)
After (A Love Story) (d. Clare Cooney)
Algorithm (d. Edwina Casey)
Amateurs (d. Ceres Machado)
Assembly Required (d. James Altschul)
Avoesis (d. Mykhailo Bogdanov)
Awkward Intimacy (d. Emma Jude Harris & Emily Steck)
The Baldwin Archives (d. Laura Seay)
Bill Murray Lost in Berlinale (d. Ana Trkulja)
Billy (d. Jack Saxon)
Bonjour Douala (d. José Ramon Bas)
Champagne For One (d. Seth Iliff)
Chasing Heroes (d. Shahmeer Madni)
Chicken Tenders (d. Sarah Lewison)
Cold Start (d. Richard Townsley)
Day Dream (d. Hanna Seidel)
Desmond’s Not Here Anymore (Mmabatho Montsho)
The Devil Will Run (d. Noah Glenn)
Dick Control (d. Shequeta L. Smith)
Don’t Put Her Down (d. Julia Golonka)
Dress A Cow (d. Dawn Luebbe)
Dubai Is A Diamond (d. Mohammad Mohammadian)
Essentials (d. Allison Torem)
ETC. (d. Pablo Millan)
The F-Word (d. Alex Cannon & Paul Cannon)
Faust’s Facade (d. Rishi Chhapolia)
Fellow Creatures (d. Jamie Glover & Jason Merrells)
Fins For The Future (d. Shawn Didde)
First Dates (d. Tony King)
Forever Young (d. Michel, Nicolas, Sacha & Robinson Arribehaute)
Free To Care (d. Chris Temple & Owen Dubeck)
Get ‘Em Addicted (d. Chandler Bradley & Mark Kilcoyne)
The Gig (d. Danny Pineros)
Going Down (d. Cailin Leigh Manning)
Gruf And Me (d. Dovi Keich)
The Guitar Thief (d. Miguel Lepe, Jr.)
Hermie (d. Jonathan Becker & Anthony Pitsilos)
Hey Toby Hey Owen: This Is Not Sponsored By Valvoline (d. Owen Dennis)
Horchata (d. Anthony Pitsilos)
Hysterical (d. April Moreau)
I’m Not Home Yet (d. Shaina Feinberg)
In Sickness & In Health (d. Sarah Smick)
In The Event Of My Death (d. Brian Scott Steele)
In The Mountains (d. Wally Chung)
Jack The Radio: Creatures (d. Justin Zimmerman)
Judy’s Thoughts (d. Melody Gilbert)
Killing Irma (d. Sarah Clark)
Kiss ‘N’ Ride (d. Olivia Jensen)
Kody Switch (d. Evan Cleaver)
Lifeline (d. Jason Delane Lee & Leah Cohen-Mays)
Loveshake (d. Caleb Suggs)
The Manager Position (d. Craig Trow)
My Duduś (d. Tom Krawczyk)
My Mom’s Eggplant Sauce (d. Shaina Feinberg)
Nicholas Brothers: Stormy Weather (d. Michael Shevloff)
Opera for Earth Presents: The Arts Earth Fest (d. Tony King)
The Other Border (d. Justin Zimmerman)
The Outing (d. Joanne Mitchell)
papa y yoyo (d. Jorge Luna)
The Phoenix (d. Regina Pigsley)
Prokop (d. Danilo Stanimirović)
Quarantine Confessions (d. Allison Torem)
R. Carlos Nakai: The Sound Of Prayer Within (d. Jeremy Frindel)
Return To Sender (d. Russell Goldman)
Run Out Groove (d. Paige Henderson)
Sam And Vox (d. Justin Hartough)
Say Again? (d. Kelley Bell)
Sex Relish (d. Ananda Sago)
Shoreline Socialites (d. Inder Nirwan)
The Seine’s Tears (d. Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer & Alice Letailleur)
Soldier (d. Justin Zimmerman)
Song Of The Stars (d. Jonathan V. Clayton)
Static Space (d. John Klein & Kate Black-Spence)
Stranger At The Gate (d. Joshua Seftel)
Super Inspired (d. Anthony J. Gibson)
Sweat Of His Cow (d. John Stuart Wildman & Alan Smithee)
Switch (d. JT McCreery)
Talk To The Can (d. Jordan H. Elliott)
Tapping Into Our Past, Tapping Into Our Future: Ayodele Casel (d. Jennifer Burton & Ursula Burton)
This One Is For You (d. Mesha Kussman Kussman)
Thoughts & Prayers (d. Lisa Gold)
The Trick (d. Jackson Todd Strickland)
Triggered (d. Tara Westwood)
Unbound (d. Sarah Moshman)
Underpaint (d. Anna Hopkins)
Vacation Therapy (d. Per Bifrost)
Want To Hear Something Funny? (d. Ellen Olis)
Whale Fall (d. Katie McNeice)
What’s Her Name? (d. Tony King)
The World’s Worst Porn Film (d. Pat Battistini)
Written By (d. Callie Marie Bloem & Christopher J. Ewing)
Yallah! (d. Nayla Nassar, Edouard Pitula, Renaud de Saint Albin, Cécile Adant, Anaïs Sassatelli & Candice Behague)