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Narrative Features:

Days Of Daisy (d. Alexander Jeffery)
Dealing With Dad (d. Tom Huang)
Disfluency (d. Anna Baumgarten)
Jacir جاسر (d. Waheed AlQawasmi)
Out And About (d. Peter Callahan)
Provo (d. Emma Thatcher)
Relative (d. Michael Glover Smith)
The Yellow Wallpaper (d. K. Pontuti)
There’s Something In The Lake (d. Greg Pope)

Documentary Features:

Back To The Drive-In (d. April Wright)
Bernie Langille Wants to Know What Happened to Bernie Langille (d. Jackie Torrens)
Elemental: Reimagining Our Relationship With Wildfire (d. Trip Jennings)
Honk (d. Cheryl Allison)
How (Not) To Build A School In Haiti (d. Jack C. Newell)
Jack Has A Plan (d. Bradley Berman)
The Light We Share (d. Mattie Waters & Jules Downum)
Objects (d. Vincent Liota)
The Thief Collector (d. Allison Otto)

Rockin’ The Suburbs (Music Features):

Big Old Goofy World: The Story Of Oh Boy Records (d. Joshua Britt & Neilson Hubbard)
Roots Of Fire (d. Abby Berendt Lavoi & Jeremey Lavoi)
That Thing That Sound (d. Kelsey Hammer-Parks & Nathan M. Emerson)
The Innocents (d. Wojciech Lorenc)

Short Film Programs:

…She Persisted
Adult Content: Intimate Confessions
Adult Content: Sexual Situations
Animated Shorts
Experimental Shorts
Local Shorts
She Keeps Me Warm
Shorts With Kids
The Souls Of Black Folk
Student Shorts: Documentary
Student Shorts: Narrative
Thoughts & Prayers
Veterans Affairs
We Love Short Shorts

Short Films List:

A Cat Called Jam (d. Lorraine Lordan)
A Close Call (d. Julie Herlocker)
A Good Fight (d. Saurav Mohapatra)
After (A Love Story) (d. Clare Cooney)
Algorithm (d. Edwina Casey)
Amateurs (d. Ceres Machado)
Assembly Required (d. James Altschul)
Avoesis (d. Mykhailo Bogdanov)
Awkward Intimacy (d. Emma Jude Harris & Emily Steck)
The Baldwin Archives (d. Laura Seay)
Bill Murray Lost in Berlinale (d. Ana Trkulja)
Billy (d. Jack Saxon)
Bonjour Douala (d. José Ramon Bas)
Champagne For One (d. Seth Iliff)
Chasing Heroes (d. Shahmeer Madni)
Chicken Tenders (d. Sarah Lewison)
Cold Start (d. Richard Townsley)
Day Dream (d. Hanna Seidel)
Desmond’s Not Here Anymore (Mmabatho Montsho)
The Devil Will Run (d. Noah Glenn)
Dick Control (d. Shequeta L. Smith)
Don’t Put Her Down (d. Julia Golonka)
Dress A Cow (d. Dawn Luebbe)
Dubai Is A Diamond (d. Mohammad Mohammadian)
Essentials (d. Allison Torem)
ETC. (d. Pablo Millan)
The F-Word (d. Alex Cannon & Paul Cannon)
Faust’s Facade (d. Rishi Chhapolia)
Fellow Creatures (d. Jamie Glover & Jason Merrells)
Fins For The Future (d. Shawn Didde)
First Dates (d. Tony King)
Forever Young (d. Michel, Nicolas, Sacha & Robinson Arribehaute)
Free To Care (d. Chris Temple & Owen Dubeck)
Get ‘Em Addicted (d. Chandler Bradley & Mark Kilcoyne)
The Gig (d. Danny Pineros)
Going Down (d. Cailin Leigh Manning)
Gruf And Me (d. Dovi Keich)
The Guitar Thief (d. Miguel Lepe, Jr.)
Hermie (d. Jonathan Becker & Anthony Pitsilos)
Hey Toby Hey Owen: This Is Not Sponsored By Valvoline (d. Owen Dennis)
Horchata (d. Anthony Pitsilos)
Hysterical (d. April Moreau)
I’m Not Home Yet (d. Shaina Feinberg)
In Sickness & In Health (d. Sarah Smick)
In The Event Of My Death (d. Brian Scott Steele)
In The Mountains (d. Wally Chung)
Jack The Radio: Creatures (d. Justin Zimmerman)
Judy’s Thoughts (d. Melody Gilbert)
Killing Irma (d. Sarah Clark)
Kiss ‘N’ Ride (d. Olivia Jensen)
Kody Switch (d. Evan Cleaver)
Lifeline (d. Jason Delane Lee & Leah Cohen-Mays)
Loveshake (d. Caleb Suggs)
The Manager Position (d. Craig Trow)
My Duduś (d. Tom Krawczyk)
My Mom’s Eggplant Sauce (d. Shaina Feinberg)
Nicholas Brothers: Stormy Weather (d. Michael Shevloff)
Opera for Earth Presents: The Arts Earth Fest (d. Tony King)
The Other Border (d. Justin Zimmerman)
The Outing (d. Joanne Mitchell)
papa y yoyo (d. Jorge Luna)
The Phoenix (d. Regina Pigsley)
Prokop (d. Danilo Stanimirović)
Quarantine Confessions (d. Allison Torem)
R. Carlos Nakai: The Sound Of Prayer Within (d. Jeremy Frindel)
Return To Sender (d. Russell Goldman)
Run Out Groove (d. Paige Henderson)
Sam And Vox (d. Justin Hartough)
Say Again? (d. Kelley Bell)
Sex Relish (d. Ananda Sago)
Shoreline Socialites (d. Inder Nirwan)
The Seine’s Tears (d. Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer & Alice Letailleur)
Soldier (d. Justin Zimmerman)
Song Of The Stars (d. Jonathan V. Clayton)
Static Space (d. John Klein & Kate Black-Spence)
Stranger At The Gate (d. Joshua Seftel)
Super Inspired (d. Anthony J. Gibson)
Sweat Of His Cow (d. John Stuart Wildman & Alan Smithee)
Switch (d. JT McCreery)
Talk To The Can (d. Jordan H. Elliott)
Tapping Into Our Past, Tapping Into Our Future: Ayodele Casel (d. Jennifer Burton & Ursula Burton)
This One Is For You (d. Mesha Kussman Kussman)
Thoughts & Prayers (d. Lisa Gold)
The Trick (d. Jackson Todd Strickland)
Triggered (d. Tara Westwood)
Unbound (d. Sarah Moshman)
Underpaint (d. Anna Hopkins)
Vacation Therapy (d. Per Bifrost)
Want To Hear Something Funny? (d. Ellen Olis)
Whale Fall (d. Katie McNeice)
What’s Her Name? (d. Tony King)
The World’s Worst Porn Film (d. Pat Battistini)
Written By (d. Callie Marie Bloem & Christopher J. Ewing)
Yallah! (d. Nayla Nassar, Edouard Pitula, Renaud de Saint Albin, Cécile Adant, Anaïs Sassatelli & Candice Behague)


Narrative Features:

18 1/2
A Beautiful Curse

A Shot Through The Wall
Cecily & Lydia At The Waypoint
Memoirs Of A Black Girl
Our Father
Paul Dood’s Deadly Lunch Break
See You Next Christmas
See You Then

Voodoo Macbeth
planet b234

Documentary Features:

A Sexplanation
A Tiny Ripple Of Hope
Cat Daddies
Dear Mr. Brody

Guinea Pig Diaries
Missing In Brooks County
United States vs. Reality Winner
When Claude Got Shot
Yes I Am – The Ric Weiland Story

Rockin’ The Suburbs Features:

Bad Animal
Disintegration Loops
Everybody Is Looking For Some Light
The Fable Of A Song
Forever Moore; The Angelo Project
Get Out Alive
Los Hermanos
Out Loud
Sing To Me Sylvie
TOPOWA! – Never Give Up
Vinyl Nation

Short Films:

7am Wednesday (d. Julie Herlocker)
A Moment In Time (d. Brandon Russell)
A Tiny Tale (d. Sylvain Cuvillier, Chloé Bourdic, Théophile Coursimault, Noémie Halberstam, Maÿlis Mosny, Zijing Ye)
Adam’s Hands (d. Gregg Jaffe)
Adjustment Of Status (d. Josh Deal)
All These Men That I’ve Done (d. Lorraine Nolan & Mark Daly)
Am I Next?
Away from It All (d. Mason Thorne)
Ayaan (d. Alies Sluiter)
BiFF (d. Lucia Helenka)
BJ’s Mobile Gift Shop (d. Jason Park)
Bloom (d. Christopher B. Derrick & William A. Derrick III)
Boys (d. Luke Benward)
Break Any Spell (d. Anton Jøsef)
Bridge City Revival
Brief Survey (d. Dava Whisenant)
Bystander (d. Mahmut Akay)
Catharsis (d. Lawrence “LAW” Watford)
The Chocolate Shop
Come On Time (d. Chris Vernon)
Covid Bach (d. Elizabeth Lewis)
Covidependency (d. James Rivard)
Cyn (d. Ben Desmond)
Dear Lily, Love Patrick (d. Jennifer Bartels)
Denzel (d. Michael Gamarano Singleton)
Disconnected (d. Daniel Sheahan)
Duality Derby
Eight Months Later (d. Chris McNeany)
The End Of History (d. Mehdi Akbar)
The Escape (d. Liudmila Komrakova)
EXT. LOS ANGELES (d. Matthew T. Price)
First Week Out (d. Charles Fritschner)
The Flexed Arm Hang (d. Findlay Brown)
The Following Year (d. Miguel Campaña)
Free Fall (d. Emmanuel Tenenbaum)
Fugazi’s Barber (d. Joe Tropea & Robert A. Emmons Jr.)
Galileo (d. Ryan Gentle & Austin Quarles)
The Girl Inside (d. Jason Knade)
Goodbye Janet (d. Will Schneider)
Harmonia Solid (d. Jake Hart)
Hidden City (d. Karen Elizabeth Price)
Homebird (d. Ewa Smyk)
Horse Girl (d. Lua Borges)
The House On Carter Street (d. Shawn Gerrard)
House Sitters (d. Alexander Jeffery & Paul Petersen)
Imago Diabolus (d. Abraham “Mike” Yousaf)
The Impatient Man Who Made His Life Considerably Shorter (d. Louis Norton Selzer)
In A Bad Way (d. Kyle Taubken)
In The Shadow Of The Pines (d. Anne Koizumi)
It’s Always Something (d. Derrick Scocchera)
Jeanne (d. Fabien Remblier)
Joe Buffalo (d. Amar Chebib)
Junior (d. AJ Wilhelm)
Killing Time (d. P. Patrick Hogan)
Landscape 4 (d. Damian Fitzsimmons)
Last Summer (d. Asha Bynum)
Last Summer With Uncle Ira (d. Gary Jaffe & Katie Ennis)
Lemonade Party (d. Alexander Minas)
Lines (d. Claire Fleming)
Maggie May (d. Donna W. Guthrie)
Marcellus Hall: An Artist In New York City (d. Justin Joseph Hall)
The Matchbox Man (d. Gorman Bechard)
Matched (d. Zack Kron)
Medusa’s Cage (d. Christian Martinez & George Whitehill)
Migrants (d. Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte, Zoé Devise)
Miss Alma Thomas: A Life in Color (d. Cheri Gaulke)
Miss Responsibility (d. Clint Till)
Must Love Pie (d. Patrick Clement)
My Dinner With Werner (d. Maverick Moore)
Night Music (d. Lukas Huffman)
Noor & Layla (d. Fawzia Mirza)
Our Mine (d. Shayna Strype)
Paper Geese (d. Elizabeth Chatelain)
Parricide (d. Will Schneider)
Pawsea (or: The Melancholy Ruminations of a Solitary French Bulldog) (d. Tom Gentle & Rupert Clague)
Persistence (d. Leo De Haan)
Photo Op (d. Dava Whisenant)
Please Hold (d. Kristen “KD” Davila)
Raymond (d. Scott Ashby)
Red (d. Katia Koziara)
Resurrection! Airto Moreira & The Preservation Hall Jazz Band (d. Dale Djerassi)
Roberto (Carmen Córdoba González)
The Roots Of Lacrosse (d. Shelby Tsioweri:iohsta Adams & Joanne Storkan)
The Seashell (d. Ron Kahlon)
Self Tape (d. Michael Kunicki)
Sisyphus Rocks It! (d. Ron Fleischer)
Space Rocks! (d. Damien Donnelly)
Swiped (d. Edward J Douglas)
Takeover (d. Emma Francis-Snyder)
The Spinning Man (d.  Jordan Rosenbloom)
The Weather Is Lovely (d. Chun-Chien Lien)
The Westbound Eastbound Remix (d. Rohan Shaanti)
The Wind And The Kite (d. Robert Machoian & Keely Song)
They Salivate (d. Ariane Boukerche)
Tictoc (d. Mark Waters)
Tin Sandwich Blues: A Musician’s Journey (d. Erik Jambor)
Unnecessary Things (d. Dmytro Lisenbart)
US MX (d.  Joseph O Hooten)
Where Should We Go (d. Che O’Grady)
Wolf In Dude’s Clothing (d. Solmund MacPherson)


Narrative Features:

The Blackout

Death Of A Rockstar
Feelings To Tell (Gui Qu Lai Xi)
Love Is Not Love
Molto Bella (Now titled A Chance Enounted)
Seven Short Films About (Our) Marriage
Una Great Movie
Woman Of The Photographs

Documentary Features:

Bleeding Audio
Insert Coin
John Wayne Gacy: Defending A Monster
The Palindromists
Picture Character
Queen Of Lapa

Seasons Of Change On Henry’s Farm
Stories I Didn’t Know
Through The Cracks
We Don’t Deserve Dogs
Where She Lies

Short Films:

1, 2, 3, All Eyes On Me
A Handful Of Rust (d. Conor Chandler Simpson)
A Head Shorter (d. Sasha Sivan Bortnik)
A Million Eyes (d. Richard Raymond)
A Normal Girl (d. Aubree Bernier-Clarke)
Alina (d. Rami Kodeih)
All The Possibilities… (d. Marsha Gordon & Louis Cherry
American Ocelot (d. Ben Masters)
Anna (d. Dekel Berenson)
Ant (d .Mischa Meyer)
Avalanche (d. Heather Jack)
The Bee Farmers
Bend (d. Susan Misner)
Beyond Noh
BroDate (d. Hank Braxton)
Brooklyn Park (d. Nikola Duravcevic)
Bury Me At Taylor Hollow (d. Orion Pahl)
Call Center Blues
The Collector

Come F*ck My Robot
Congress Cares (d. Theodore Collatos)
Cool For Five Seconds
Danke, Aus! (And, Cut!) (d. Luca Amhofer)
Dear Bruh: A Baptism. A Eulogy. A Call to Action
The Doe (d. Jennifer Lumbroso)
Dwayne’s World
E.R. A.M.
Enter Through The Balcony
Everything’s Fine

Falling From Arms (d. Sean Patrick Leonard)
Feeling Through
Fortunate Country (d. Kristin Jordan Tripe & Julia Hinson)
The Gentle Art Of Violence (d. Andrew Przybytkowski)
The Ghosting Of Elise Montgomery
The Girl With The Rivet Gun (d. Anne de Mare & Kirsten Kelly)
GraceLand (d. Bonnie Discepolo)
The Hole Truth (d. Russell Friedenberg)
Honor Among Thieves (d. Justin Eugene Evans)
If Anything Happens I Love You
If These Are The Last Days Of My Life (d. Peony Yip)
In A Lifetime (d. Frantzy Moreau)
In Orbit (Katie McNeice)
In The Blood (Regina Banali)
Kachalka (d. Gar O’Rourke)
Kaksi Ruumista Ranalla (Two Bodies On A Beach) (Anna Paavilainen)
Kokokids Of Paris (Alexia Colette)
Life After Death (d. Noah Glenn)
Long Ride Home
Modern Whore
Moneybag Head
More Than He Knows

My Hero (Logan Jackson)
Nero (Jan-David Bolt)
Nicole (Brett Cramer)
Oh Deer (Richard C. Jones)
The Priest
Reparations (d. Gregory G. Allen)
Run Free
The Seeker

Shapes & Sizes (Pamela Falkenberg & Jack Cochran)
La Sirena
Sloan Hearts Neckface (d. Justin Fair)
Son Of Sun (d. Anthony Short)
Sound (d. Tawan Bazemore)
Sundays At The Triple Nickel

Talk Outside (d. Austin Davidson)
The Speed Of Time

There’s Something In The Lake
They Grow Up So Fast

Tides (d. Andre Silva)
Tired Eyes (d. Ryan Martin Brown)
Together Till The End (d. Salvador Medina)
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Two Wizards, One Staff
Variables (d. Sabina Vajraca)
The Watchmaker
Waters Of March (d. Elizabeth Lewis)
We Are Free Because Of Harriet Tubman
Wichita (d. Sergine Dumais)
The World Is A Skatepark: Photographer J. Grant Brittain
You Wouldn’t Understand (d. Trish Harnetiaux)


Narrative Features:

Alaska Is A Drag
Another Version Of You
Eternal Winter
Rendezvous In Chicago
Rich Kids
Romance Analyst

Documentary Features:

Art Paul Of Playboy: The Man Behind The Bunny
The City That Sold America
Other Music
Pizza, A Love Story
Street Fighting Men
While I Breathe, I Hope

Short Films:

Aembras (d. Chad McClarnon)
Aeternitas (d. Gordie Haakstad)
All the Men You Would Sleep With Were You Not In A Relationship With Tyler (Whom Of Course You Love)
An Accidental Drowning
And The Earth Will Be Lost To The Flames
Betty Feeds The Animals
Bob & Edgar
The Bull (d. Kelsey Egan)
Candy Shop
Cherry (d. Stacey Davis)
Come & Take It (d. Ellen Spiro & PJ Raval)
Community Patrol
Consent: A Short Comedy About A Serious Subject
The Conqueror
Cuban Canvas (d. Kavery Kaul)
Desert Rats (d. Shaz Bennett)
Five Minutes (d. Chris Zaluski, Sandy Dickson & Peter Gilbert)
Fraser Syndrome & Me (d. Kyle Anne Grendys)
Gelato – Seven Summers of Ice Cream Love (d. Daniela Opp)
Gun Shop
Happy Ending (d. Fernando González Gómez)
Her Mess (d. Zachary Goodspeed)
Hiding In Daylight (d. Cheryl Allison)
Hitchhiking To The Edge Of Sanity
Hoan Alone: Personal Stories from the Bridge
Hook Up 2.0 (Dana Nachman)
I Will Not Write Unless I Am Swaddled In Furs (d. Wade Shotter)
Illegal (d. Jesus Nebot)
Information Superhighway
Just Give Me A Minute To Change
Kim’s Big Date
Lady Parts (d. Erin Rye & Jessica Sherif)
Mary & Margaret (d. Gregory Caruso)
Memory Video (d. Roy Power)
Mio Gatto Dante (d. Will Berry)
Mushroom Park
The Musician
My Immigrant Story (d. Yuriko Gamo Romer)
My Paintbrush Bites
My View: Clem Burke (Rupert Sansom)
Negroland (d. Jewel McPherson)
Noble Sissle’s Syncopated Ragtime
Passive Aggressive Dads
Peep (d. Zachary Dehm)
Pie In The Puss: A Brief History Of Pieing In Film (d. Stacey Davis)
Planet (d. Bill Sebastian”
Pozole (d. Jessica Mendez Siqueiros)
R.A.W. Tuba (d. Darren Durlach & David Larson)
The Rage of Evil: Thoughts from a Former School Shooter
The Replacement
Rock Paper Scissors (d. Brian Lawes)
Sac De Merde (d. Greg Chwerchak)
Soul Man (d. Kyle Taubken)
Step One
Still Sophie (d. Caroline Knight)
The Streets Are Ours: Two Lives Cross In Karachi
Sunrise (d. Sean Patrick Leonard)
Swipe Right
Terrolun & Lunlun (d. Hiroyuki Miyagawa)
Waldwölfe (Forest Wolves) (d. Peter W. Allen)
White Guys Solve Sexism
Woman In Stall
Wrath (d. Jen Emma Hertel)


Narrative Features:
Americatown (d. Kenneth Price)
Annabelle & Bear (d. Amy S. Weber)
Drawing With Chalk (d. Todd Giglio)
Happily After (d. John Klein)
One Year (d. Tom Kleine)
Something Better, Somewhere Else (d. Ron Lazzertti)
Welcome To Gentle Waters (d. Jessica Hardy & Brent Kado) 

Documentary Features: 
The Bass Player (d. Niall Mckay)
Everyday Sunshine: The Story Of Fishbone (d. Lev Anderson & Chris Metzler)
Stages (d. Meerkat Media Collective)
Tony & Janina’s American Wedding (d. Ruth Leitman)


Narrative Features: 
A Lonely Place For Dying (d. Justin Evans)
Coasting (d. Michael P. Noens)
Darren & Abbey (d. Michael P. Noens)
First Breath Of Tengen Rei (d. Junko Kajino & Ed M. Koziarski)
Friends (With Benefits) (d. Gorman Bechard)
Jackrabbit Sky (d. Andrew Bergmann)
Miss Ohio (d. Gregory Fitzsimmons)
My Movie Girl (d. Adam Bronstein)
Night Before The Wedding (d. David Branin)
The Scenesters (d. Todd Beger)

Documentary Features: 

Cleanflix (d. Andrew James & Joshua Ligairi)
Fortunate Wilderness (d. George Desort)
The Greening Of Southie (d. Ian Cheney)
It Came From Kuchar! (d. Jennifer M. Kroot)
Pontiac’s Rebellion (d. Brian Seay) 
Shadow Billionaire (d. Alexis Spraic)
Six Man, TX (d. Alan Barber)
Still Bill (d. Damani Baker & Alex Vlack)
The Tiger Next Door (d. Camilla Calamandrei)
Trust Us, This Is All Made Up (d. Alex Karpovsky)
Typeface (d. Justine Nagan)

Short Films: 

A Time Comes (d. Nick Broomfield)
As Ever, Stan (d. Alexander Schwarm)
Big River (d. Ian Cheney & Curt Ellis)
Chemical 12-D (d. Mac Eldridge)
City Of Noise
Climbing Kili (d. Daniel Meincke) 
The Communicator (d. Steve Gelder)
Crossing The Line
Dieu est Americain (d. Richard Martin-Jordan)
Experiment Extreme
For The Sinews In Your Footsteps – Dennis Florine (d. Michael P. Noens)
Going Green
The Hero
I’ll Be Your Sailor (d. Hannah Rosner) 
James K. Polk Was @#?!ing Awesome (d. Adam Bertocci)
Killing Calhoun: A Canadian Film, In Canada (d. Kyle Niemer)
The Late Mr. Mokun Williams (d. Kenneth Price)
Lettuce Break Break (d. Tim Miller)
Mi’ Corazon, Mi Sueno (d. Steve Gatlin)
Miracle Fish (d. Luke Doolan)
Mother (d. Glynn Beard)
Nourishing The Kids Of Katrina: The Edible Schoolyard (d. Alice Waters)
On The Rocks: The Unsolved Mysteries of Jack and Sal. Episode 2, The Rusty Trombone (d. David M. Henderson)
The Platoon Of Power Squadron, Part II: Jobs (d. Jake Jarvi)
Sylvia & George (d. Cara Clark)
Special Needs (d. Scott Smith)
The Thong (d. Christopher Hong)
Transparent Movement (d. Soyeon Kim)
We Are All Here
The World Of Film Festivals (d. Jim Jacob)

Free Room: 
King Corn
Sita Sings The Blues


11 Minutes Ago
After The Fall (d. Joe Pacheco)
The Atom Smashers
The Auteur
Behind The Wheel
Bronx Paradise
Clinton 12
Corpo (d. Rossana Foglia & Rubens Rewald) 
How To Cross A Border (d. Tim Parsa)
I Love Trash
Lightning Salad Moving Picture
Luke & Brie Are On A First Date
Nerdcore For Life
Never Have I Ever (d. Jonathan C. Legat)
Nice Bombs
One Week
Playing With Rage (d. Royce Toni)
Proceed And Be Bold!
The Providence Effect (d. Rollin Binzer)
Route 30
San Francisco: Still Wild At Heart
The Skyjacker
Surviving Guthrie (d. Ed Smith)
Vincent: A Life In Color (d. Jennifer Burns)
Wesley Willis’s Joyrides (d. Chris Bagley & Kim Shively)

120 Volts (d. James P. Gannon)
A Letter To Colleen (d. Andy London)
The Adventure (d. Mike Brune)
Arch’s Iguanas (d. Steve Gatlin)
Birth (d. Signe Baumane)
The Box Man (d. Nirvan Mullick)
Bresson & Adeline (d. Christopher Jarvis)
Cab Ride (d. Giuseppe Scarpitta)
The Cave: An Adaptation Of Plato’s Allegory In Clay (d. Michael Ramsey) 
Chicago = Awesome (d. Dan Lamoureux)
Chickens Of The Sea (d. Steve Furman)
Cochran (d. James P. Gannon)
Code Duello (d. Art Reynolds)
Comic Sans Purpose (d. George Green)
Doxology (d. Michael Langan)
Fantasie In Bubblewrap (d. Arthur Metcalf)
Fisheye Fantasea (d. Anita Chaumette)
For The Masses (d. Corrie Francis)
Germans In The Woods (d. Tim Rauch)
Gnome Man’s Land (d. Sean Colbert)
The Group (d. Boris Wexler)
Hayes Carll: Crystal Beach Memories (d. Dano Johnson)
Interpretation (d. Lin Oeding) 
Irregular Fruit (d. Nathan Adloff)
John Lefebvre – Our Town (d. Christian Amundson)
Justica Now! (d. Robbie Proctor & Martin O’Brien) 
Literally (d. Martin Shea)
Looking For Ms. Locklear (d. Link Neal & Rhett McLaughlin)
Metamorphosis (d. Debra Zarne)
Monday (d. Dorian Weinzimmer)
Mugs (d. Ronnie Cramer)
Mundo Caliente (d. Bob Barancik)
Murder Monologue (d. Anghus Houvouras)
Never (d. Devon Ford)
Nollaig Shona (d. Orla Murphy)
Papa Tortuga (d. Rob & Elise Wilson)
Papiroflexia (d. Joaquin Baldwin)
Parts (d. Scott Hanson)
The Party (d. Jonathan Browning)
Passenger Seat (d. Jerry Thompson)
Plain Ride Penn (d. Kyla Clayton)
Reefer Madness (d. Steve Hanson)
Rendezvous (d. Cole Simon)
Return Of The Chickens (d. Steve Furman) 
Royal Nightmare (d. Alex Budovsky)
The Sale (d. Jonathan Browning)
Santa Claus, The Fascist Years (d. Bill Plympton)
Scritch Scratch Of Busy Little Hands (d. Joy & Noelle Vaccese) 
Sick (d. Mike Rymer)
Spider (d. Nash Edgerton)
The Story Of Sputnick (d. John Harden)
Struck (d. Taron Lexton)
Such As It Was (d. Mac Eldridge) 
Tart (d. Mairtin de Barra)
Tracks (d. Corrie Francis) 
Twisted Thicket (d. Jake Jarvi)
Urn Doctor, M.D. (d. Matthew J. Arauz) 
Wedding Jimmy (d. Lisa Pescia)
Western Spagetti (d. PES)
What Is She To You? (d. Alden Burgess) 
The White Elephant (d. Ken J. Adachi)
The Whole Truth (d. Gerald Guthrie)
Wishing Bone (d. Kev Stock)


A Thousand Hills (d. Mary Allison Wilmarth)
An Alternative To Slitting Your Wrist
Bad For Business (d. Jeff P. Rodia)
Beyond The Call (d. Adrian Belic)
Break-Up, Date
The Chemistry Of Dating (d. Matt Olson)
Deportee (d. Daniel Kolen)
Golden Days
Greetings From The Shore
The Half Life Of Mason Lake (d. Tim Lotesto)
Kamp Katrina 
King In Chicago
L’estate d’Inverno
Last Stop For Paul
Nosferatu (with new score by Del Rey & The Sun Kings)
One Night With You (d. Joe D’Augustine)
River Ways 
Shadow Of The House
Shut-Eye (d. John Covert)
A Soldier’s Peace (d. Kristin & Marshall Thompson)
Statysci (Extras)
Urban Explorers: Into The Darkness
Weiner Takes All
White Out (d. David Grelck)
Wristcutters: A Love Story (d. Goran Dukic)

8 Minutes To Love (d. Thom Harp)
787 Cliparts (d. Oliver Laric)
A Fish Tale (d. Charley VanPortfilet)
A Good Scratch Is Hard To Find (d. Lisa Fotedar-Miller)
A Map With Gaps (d. Alice Nelson)
A Perfect Place (d. Derrick Socchera)
About Film Festivals (d. Jim Jacob)
Art In The Middle (d. Liz Brandenburg & Annie Gregory)
Der Aufreisser (The Pick-Up Artist) (d. Steffen Weinert)
Bad Brownies (d. Dano Johnson)
Bassmaker (d. Brett Schwartz)
The Blower (d. Banks Helfrich)
Bombay Skies (d. Rita Rani)
Clean Freak (d. Chris Hansen)
Covered Tracks (d. Nathan Kensinger)
Crushed (d. Keith Ingham)
Deconfliction (d. Edward Tyndall)
The Double (d. Rani DeMuth)
Dunk (d. Patrick Bagot)
DVD (d. Ciro Altabas)
Fish Kill Flea (d. Brian Cassidy, Aaron Hillis & Jennifer Loeber)
Flossing (d. Banks Helfrich)
Die Flugbegleiterin (The Stewardess) (d. Marcin Glowacki)
Fortune Hunters (d. Thom Harp)
Found (d. Bill Sebastian)
Frank (d. Glynn Beard)
Gimme Twelve Steps (d. C. Scott Shuffitt)
Hit (d. Kerry Anne Mullaney)
Honey, I’m Home (d. David Branin)
How My Next Door Neighbor Discovered Life On Mars (d. Austin Andrews)
I Just Want To Eat My Sandwich (d. Julia Radochia)
Idea Men (d. Bill Sebastian)
The Image (Charles McGuire)
Janis: A Daughter’s Portrait (d. Sara Peak Convery)
Jim & Jung (d. Matt Paulson)
Kidney Thieves (d. Toby Wilkins)
Letting Go (d. Dan Masucci)
Loom (d. Scott Kravitz)
Love: The Movie (d. Adam Bertocci)
Ma Rainey’s Lesbian Licks (d. Robert Philipson)
Mail Fantasies (d. Bill Sebastian)
McLaren’s Negatives (d. Marie-Josee Saint-Pierre)
Ménage à trois (d. Kimberley M. Wetherell)
The Mercury Men (d. Christopher Preksta)
Moviebonics (d. Donald Unverrich & Lance Miller)
Nintendo Office (d. Christopher Preksta)
No. 6 (d. Robin Larsen)
Now You See Me, Now You Don’t (d. Attila Szász)
Obara & The Merchants (d. Manauvaskar Kublall)
Ode To Fredo (d. Simon & Zeke Hawkins)
Partially True Tales Of High Adventure (d. Murphy Gilson)
Please, No Smoking (d. Mac Eldridge)
Pop Foul (d. Moon Molson)
The Price Of Acorn (d. Jonathan Schwartz)
Real Lemonade (d. Matt Meindl)
The Recyclergy (d. Jeremy Kaller)
Regret Case Study (d. William Flegal)
The Ringmaster (d. Wenchung Lu)
Sad Sculptor (d. Matthew Scott Harris)
Sadie Turns Seven (d. Todd Tinkham)
Saguaro (d. Oliver West Randall)
Santa’s Camels (d. Rahel Kent)
Scare Tactics (d. Mark Diestler)
Script Cops (d. Scott Rice)
Seed (d. Joe Hahn)
Skate Or Die (d. Scott Shuffitt)
Small Talk (d. Karen Lindholm-Rynkiewicz)
So, A Guy Walks Into A Bar (d. Adam Rench)
Speechless (d. James Cooper)
Strides (d. Ward Bergan)
String (d. Naomi Wright)
Sunlit Shadows (d. Ben Piety)
Tale Of Two Cemeteries (d. Charles McGuire)
Three-Fifty (d. Maurice Chauvet)
Untied Strangers (d. Nathan Adloff)
Untitled (d. Mike Alfini)
Víctor Y la Máquina (Victor & The Machine) (d. Carlos Talamanca)
We Hear Sirens (d. Alex Harder)
Weeding By Example (d. Sarah McKnight, Kathleen Ledet & Ken Suran)
Who’s Ma Ma! Joe Ma Ma! (d. Sean Jourdan)
Who’s On First: The Movie (d. Steve Barr & Danny Grossman)
Why We Wax (d. Kimberly M. Wetherell & Amy Axelson)


51 Birch Street
A Great Disturbance (d. Benjamin Shull & Andrew Davis)
Abel Raises Cain
An American Opera
Downtown Locals (d. Robin & Rory Muir)
Eve Of Understanding (d. Alyson Shelton)
Fate, Twisted Simply (d. Steven Coulter)
The Girl (d. Jake Jarvi)
Hello Again Everybody: The Harry Caray Story
High Score
In Memorium
The Karaoke King (d. Dan Mackler & J. J. Ruscella)
Military Intelligence & You (d. Dale Kutzera)
The Pacific & Eddy (d. Matthew Nourse)
Pirates Of The Great Salt Lake
Plagues & Pleasures On The Salton Sea
Pope Dreams
The TV Set

30 Seconds (d. Robert Hoover)
A Little Light (d. Ben Zlotucha)
A.W.O.L. (d. Jack Swanstrom)
Absolute Zero (d. Alan Woodruff)
Aesop’s Diner (d. Cara O’Shea)
An Open Door (d. Crystal Us)
The Auteur (d. James Westby)
Bathwater (d. Kris Williams)
Battle Of The Album Covers (d. Rohitash Rao & Abraham Spear)
Bicycle Messengers (d. Joshua Frankel)
Black Dogs Can’t Jump (Gorman Bechard)
Cabbie (d. Donlee Brussel)
Checking In (d. Steve Gelder)
Climactic Death Of Dark Ninja (d. Peter Craig)
Chrysanthemums: The Word (d. Toby Roberts)
The Cole Nobody Knows (d. Clay Walker)
The Detention Teacher (d. Ben Weeks)
Divorce Lemonade (d. Justin Hayward)
Eddie’s Winning Date (d. Julia Radochia)
Egg (d. Benh Zeitlin)
ESC (d. Zachary Brewster-Geisz)
Exit (d. Glynn Beard)
Fall Free For All (d. Jake Jarvi)
Fast Money (d. Jerry Chan)
The Father, Unblinking (d. Ziggy Attias)
Filthy Food (d. T. Arthur Cottam)
The Force Among Us (Work In Progress) (Christian & Cortney Macht)
Glacier Bay (d. Douglas Moser)
The Giving (d. Mary Firth)
Home For Good (d. Todd Tinkham)
I Love You, I’m Sorry, I’ll Never Do It Again (d. Keith Snyder)
I’m A Big Brother (d. Marty Shea)
In Search Of… (d. Alyson Yester Shelton)
In The Tradition Of My Family (d. Todd Davis)
The Job (d. Jonathan Browning)
Joy Meal (d. Mathijskes Geijskes)
K-7 (Christopher Leone)
Kabuku Rides (This Is It) (d. Terry Kinney)
Lemonade Stand (d. John Moore)
Les Pages (d. Charles McGuire)
The Lonely Lights, The Color Of Lemons (d.Benjamin M. Piety)
Moosecock (d. Will Hartman)
The Morning After (d. Casey Walker)
My Lovers Moods (d. Jack Newell)
Nevel Is The Devil (d. Peter Craig)
Occupied (d. Christian Filek)
Oculus (d. Mike Flanagan)
One Man’s Trash (d. Link Neal & Rhett McLaughlin)
P.M.S. – A Period Piece (d. Angie Piccirillo)
Performance Anxiety (d. Scott Stamper)
The Planning Lady (d. Marty Shea)
The Pre-Nup (d. Marty Weiss)
Promise (d. Brian McQuery)
Puppet (d. Patrick Smith)
Remission Impossible (Ken Hegan)
Rosa (d. William Olsson)
Stop! (d. Mathijs Geiskes)
Story Of Bubbleboy (d. Sean Ascroft)
Tall Tales & Big Lies (d. Dano Johnson)
Tells (d. Jack Newell)
They’re Just Words, Just Their Words (d. Jake Jarvi)
Tour De Donut: Gluttons For Punishment (d. Steve Kelly & Jim Klenn)
Ulbert (d. Declan Ryan)
Under My Skin (d. Vito Lapiccola)
Vacant (d. Brian McQuery)
Wine Bar (d. Christian Remde)

Music Videos:
Back Together – Citizen Cope (d. Paul Dektor)
Everything But You – Glen Phillips (d. Matthew Ward)
Get On Down – Tarka Groove Experiment (d. Colin Gardiner)
Gone – Bill Madden (d. Andrew Watson)
iv. 6 – Beeple (d. Mike Winkelman)
Man Is A Monkey – New York Dolls (d. Dano Johnson)
The Owl – I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness (d. Emmanuel Ho)
Silver Lining – Andrea Coller (d. George Green)
SPAT – Cut Chemist (d. James Reitano)
Swing One – Hot Club Of Detroit (d. Anthony Ernest Garth)
Team Queen – Triple Creme (d. Leah Meyerhoff)


American Dreamz
As Smart As They Are: The Author Project
Captain Blasto
The Door
Electric Purgatory: The Fate Of The Black Rocker
Fatboy: The Movie
Four Eyed Monsters
El Inmigrante (d. David Eckenrode, John Eckenrode & John Sheedy)
Jump: A Frogumentary (Justin Bookey)
Keep Your Distance
Lady Vengeance
Luke’s Father & The Sled (d. Zach Dehm)
Seven Chances (with live score by bLuE daHLia)
Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance 
Traveller (d. William Olsson)
With You (d. Jason Christensen)
You Are Alone
Zaireeka (with video mashup by Joe Morales)

21 Carbs (d. Marty Shea)
30 Miles (d. Ronnie Cramer)
A Silent Night (d. Andy Nguyen)
ante meridian (d. Rus Robert Blemker)
The Appropriately False Portrayal Of The Dr. Steven Ackerman Affair (d. Brian Sharpe)
Arc (d. Steve Gelder)
The Assembler (d. Jeffrey H
Australian Summer

Bush (d. Arin Crumley)
Deal (d. James Zahn)
The Doctor Cares (d. David Baeumier & Doug Bost)
Ever Vigilant, Ever True (d. Joe Pacheco & Joshuah Bearman)
The Fisherboy (d. Jonathan Blitstein)
Fly (d. Ben Weeks)
Genie In A Bottle: Unleashed
Ghost Story
Gong Yi (d. Chao Kuang Hsieh)
Good Times: Volume 1 (d. Ken Hegan)
Grand Luncheonette
Homesick Blues
I Killed Zoe Day
Intoxicated Demons (d. Donlee Brussel)
La vie d’un chien
Let Go (d. Brian McQuery)
The Lion Awakens (d. Daniel Hahn)
The Mantis Parable
Mr. Malikai Battles The Aeroplane
Ride Of The Mergansers (d. Steve Furman)
Robots Are Blue
Sell In Hell
Space Chase (d. Daniel Duncan & Jonathan Pearson)
Spin (d. Jamin Winans)Super-Anon
Timekeeper (d. Jesse Stratton)
Trailer Racer
We’re The Government – And You’re Not
West Bank Story
Xchange (d. Martin Chab)
xxx: a canimation (d. Joe Pacheco & Stavros Stavropoulos)

Music Videos:
Bicycle – Queen (d. John Cernak) Joyride
Century Gothic – Beeple (d. Mike Winkelmann)
Emerge – Fischerspooner (d. Susan Buice) 
Moving Along – The Planets (d. Patrick Smith) 
Nisi Dominus – Vivaldi (d. Richard Luikis) Modus Vivendi
Peter – The 50 Ways (d. George Green) 
Republican Fight Song – Revboy (d. James Doolittle) 
The Big F# You – Primer 55 (d. James Zahn & Ben Brezinski)
The Blow, Pt. 2 / I Felt Your Shape – The Microphones (d. Daniel Hahn)
Upon You, God – Rocco Vogel & Zulu (d. Minji Kang)
Yep! – Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique (d. Isaac Klotz)


5-25-77 (Work In Progress Features)
The Fearless Freaks
My Big Fat Independent Movie
Reel Paradise
See This Movie

Beneath The Surface

Bette Fredricks: A Life Lived (d. Lynn Asma)
The Decisive Moment
Focus Group
Pillow Girl
Samuel DeMango


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