2023 LCFF

The 13th Lake County Film Festival was held November 3-5 & November 10-12, with a special SECRET screening on Halloween Night.

All selected films were shown in-person at The College Of Lake County in Grayslake, in rooms A011, C105, D100, B222, and T332. Selected films had additional screenings at The Gorton Center in Lake Forest.

You can find the complete film guide at our 2023 Lake County Film Festival sub-site at https://2023.lakecountyfilmfestival.org. You can also get the complete schedule as a pdf or as a google doc.

Overall we showed 26 feature films (14 Narrative Features & 12 Documentary Features, 5 of which were Music Documentaries) and 80 short films.

The list of films played at the film festival:

Narrative Features

Curral de Moinas (The People’s Bankers) (d. Miguel Cadilhe)
Good Guy With A Gun (d. John Mossman)
Happy Birthday Charlie (d. Nina Martinek)
Honor Student (d. Tamika Miller)
Loren & Rose (d. Russell Brown)
Outrunners (d. Ken Hegan)
Perfectly Good Moment (d. Lauren Greenhall)
Plea (d. Brian McQuery)
Save State (d. Scott J Sawitz)
Scrap (d. Vivian Kerr)
Secret Screening – Halloween Night!
Shudderbugs (d. Johanna Putnam)
Stag (d. Alexandra Spieth)
Trapped Balloon (d. Hiroyuki Miyagawa)

Documentary Features:

Join Or Die (d. Rebecca Davis & Pete Davis)
Taking The Fight (d. Carlos Arrieta)
The Depths Of My Despair (d. Elizabeth L Lawrence)
The Philadelphia Eleven (d. Margo Guernsey)
Wine, Women And Dementia (d. Kitty Norton)
With Peter Bradley (d. Alex Rappoport)
You Have No Idea (d. Alexander Jeffery & Paul Peterson)

Rockin’ The Suburbs (Music Features):

Cover Your Ears (d. Sean Patrick Shaul)
Ellis (d. Sascha Just)
Fantastic Negrito: Have You Lost Your Mind Yet? (d. Yvan Iturriaga & Francisco Nuñez)
Stand By For Failure: A Documentary About Negativland (d. Ryan Worsley)
This Is National Wake (d. Mirissa Neff)

Short Film Programs:

Adult Situations
Dance To The Music
Famous Faces
Game Of Nim
Good Boy
Shorts With Kids
Student Shorts: Documentary
Student Shorts: Narrative
Support Local
זָכַר (Zakar)

Short Films List:

A Chocolate Lens (d. Gabriel Veras)
A Hand To Hold (d. Stacey Davis & Ali Clark)
A Mother Is Born (d. Sarah Moshman)
A Perfect Day For A Walk (d. Diane Catsburrow Linnet)
Addie and the Lightning Bugs (d. Alexander Jeffery)
amalgaMOTION (d. Adam Daniel Mezei & Crystal Finn-Dunn)
All Good Dreamers (d. Ehson Rad)
Art Of Crossing (d. Tobiasz Wałkiewicz)
Bad Vibes (d. Emily Foran)
Benny: Our Musical Lineage (d. Dave Garcia)
Blue (d. Sophie Rose Worger)
Broken Puzzle (d. Anna Pazderski)
Brother (d. Aleksei Borovikov)
Closing Time (d. Russell Goldman)
Crack Shot (d. Alex Cohen)
David (d. Patrick Ward)
Demon Box (d. Sean Wainsteim)
Distance (d. Thisen Umagiliya)
Don’t Touch My Hair (d. Matthew Law)
Dreaming of You(th) (d. Mike Woodall)
Family (d. David L Bradburn)
Flashback (d. Diana Lyn Martinez)
Food That Saves You (d. Joe Vella)
Game of Nim (d. Robert A. Emmons Jr.)
Get Away (d. Michael Gabriele)
Good Boy (d. Russell Chadwick)
Harvey (d. Janice Nadeau)
Heart Of The Hinterlands (d. Camila Martins)
I Became An American (d. Jose Luis Catalan)
IF (d. Didier Charette)
Infraction (d. Timothy Blackwood)
In Your Dreams (d. Mike Krohn)
Island (d. Michael Faust)
Junkin’ (d. Andy Heck)
Just Lie to Me (d. Kelly Walker)
Leo & Chester (d. Andrea Wing)
Leonetty (d. Logan Jackson)
Little Leaf (d. Mhaya Polacco)
Luke and Emma and a Gas Station on Franklin Avenue (d. Levi Wilson)
Mixed Signals (d. Thomas van Kampen)
Murder Camp (d. Clara I Aranovich)
My Eyes Are Up Here (d. Nathan Morris)
My Vagina (d. Shannon Burkett & Neil Burns)
NEON (d. Ehson Rad)
Neon Rage (d. Alejandra Parody)
Ninety-Five Senses (d. Jerusha Hess &Jared Hess)
Non-Negotiable (d. Mike Doxford)
Nordo (d. Kyle Taubken)
Paper Planes (d. Michael Glover Smith & Alyssa Thordarson)
Photo Of The Day. (d. Mac Eldridge & Tom Dean)
Poof (d. Margaret Miller)
Prison Romance (d. Pavel Gavrilin)
Quiet! Mom’s Working! (d. P Patrick Hogan)
Room For One More (d. Jesse Vogelaar)
Roped (d. Carmen Córdoba González)
Sevap/Mitzvah (d. Sabina Vajrača)
Sex Sells (d. Rudi Brekelmans)
Shadow Brother Sunday (d. Alden Ehrenreich)
Shatter the Glass (d. Patrick Hogan)
Sleep Study (d. Natalie Metzger)
Stairs (d. Jeph Porter)
Student of the Game (d. Ben Scholle)
SymBionic (d. Jack Tenbusch)
The 13th hour (d. Xavier Tesson)
The Anne Frank Gift Shop (d. Mickey Rapkin)
The Artist (d. John Falchetto)
The End of the World (d. Aleksandra Podziewska)
The Fox (d. Martin Garde Abildgaard)
The Milky Way (d. Clint Till)
The Search (d. Thomas Brouns)
This Is Major (d. Scot Sax & Leslie Mills)
Trying (d. Emily Alpren)
Unicorn Training (d. Craig Alan)
Ursula (d. Hannah Heller)
Villain (d. Sparky Tehnsuko)
Wake Up (d. Mary-Sue Masson)
Waking Up A Widower (d. David Grewe)
Walkman (d. Ana Guedes)
Where Are The Files? (d. Philip Davies)
Zombie Meteor (d. Alfonso Fulgencio & Jose Luis Farias)