The Palindromists

Directed By: Vince Clemente
Cast: Will Shortz, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Jon Agee, Martin Clear, Winfred S. Emmons III, Anthony Etherin, Doug Fink, Mike Maguire, Danica McKellar, Merlla McLaughlin, Mark Saltveit, Lori Wike

Documentary Feature
USA, 91 minutes

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The Palindromists is a documentary delving into the world of palindromes– those peculiar words and phrases that read the same backwards and forwards. Explore palindromes in history and meet the world’s greatest palindromists as they see everything backwards preparing for the World Palindrome Championship.

The competition is hosted by Will Shortz during The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, where the palindromists will be judged by the smartest wordplay fans in the country. Once they have spent day and night crafting the perfect ‘dromes, they will present them to the eager audience and a new World Palindrome Champion will be crowned!

Festivals & Awards:
San Francisco DocFest

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Written By: Nathan Barnatt & Seth Barnatt
Cast: Nathan Barnatt, Martin Starr, Lance Bangs, Kelsey Tucker, Courtney Pauroso, Denise Gour

USA, 15 minutes

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Festivals & Awards:
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