Shorts 7: The Fourth Wall

Shakespeare, The Marx Brothers, Ferris Bueller, Deadpool, Airplane!, The Muppets, Monty Python, Goodfellas, Do The Right Thing, and many, many more films have used the device known as breaking the fourth wall to pull the audience into the fictional world they’ve created. These films all relate to breaking down this barrier in one way or another.

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There’s Something In The Lake

Directed By: Greg Pope
Written By: Greg Pope
Cast: Asher Trosdal, Esther Jane Pope, Ty Trosdal, Emily Cowherd

USA, 5 minutes

After the disappearance of their dog a 12-year-old girl and her little brother set out on a nighttime search, completely unaware they are being watched.

The Hole Truth

Directed By: Russell Friedenberg
Written By: Irish Johnston
Cast: Sprague Grayden, Phil Burke

USA, 16 minutes

When a suicidal woman in a dead end job, breaks the rules to overhear the confessions of strangers, her initial excitement quickly unravels into despair, however, as she carries out her “exit strategy” she encounters love in an unexpected way.

Festivals & Awards:
Nashville Film Festival

Danke, Aus! (And, Cut!)

Directed By: Luca Amhofer
Written By: Luca Amhofer
Cast: Moritz Lehmann, Christina Scherrer, Anna Jung, Raphael Nicholas, Tom Zinner

Austria, 7 minutes

Tom is an actor and the only thing he really wants on the filmset is a still water. The big Problem is, that his colleagues are too incompetent to organize one.

Kaksi Ruumista Ranalla (Two Bodies On A Beach)

Directed By: Anna Paavilainen
Written By: Anna Paavilainen, Laura Birn
Cast: Laura Birn, Rea Mauranen, Tommi Korpela, Lauri Maijala

Finland, 20 minutes

A woman wakes up on a beach wrapped in plastic, half-naked and in high heels. “Not again”, she sighs and decides to find out who is behind this. She persuades an older woman who has been pushed to the margins of society to accompany her on her revenge trip. During their journey through classical cinematic landscapes, the two women have to face their own lusts, conflicts between generations, and their fragile ideologies.

Festivals & Awards:
Fantastic Fest
DC Shorts Film Festival 
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival