Shorts 6: Experimental

A collection of experimental short films.

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Directed By: André Silva
Written By: André Silva

USA, 8 minutes

Filmed at Masonboro Island, an undeveloped barrier island in southeastern North Carolina, “Tides” contemplates the liminal space between the modern technological world and that more ecological dimension we label as “nature” or “the environment.”

Festivals & Awards:
Arizona Film Festival
Oxford Film Festival
Indie Grits Film Festival

Congress Cares

Directed By: Theodore Collatos
Written By: Stephen Keep Mills
Cast:Louise Martin, Alejandra Gollas, Tonya Cornelisse, Russell Simpson, Cameron Tagge, Stephen Keep Mills

USA, 9 minutes

On March 27th, the United States congress approved a multi-trillion dollar coronavirus relief package by voice vote. “Congress Cares” is a satirical chronicle of the faux debate.

Festivals & Awards:
Sidewalk Film Festival

Shapes & Sizes

Directed By: Pamela Falkenberg & Jack Cochran

USA, 6 minutes

“Shapes & Sizes” melds melds music and moving pictures together in a startlingly beautiful but alienating critique of American car culture and its disregard for the environment worthy of Jean Baudrillard.

We Are Free Because Of Harriet Tubman

Directed By: Nadine Patterson
Written By: Nadine Patterson & Sonia Sanchez
Cast: Sonia Sanchez

USA, 5 minutes

This lyrical documentary is a meditation on resistance, nature, and history. 

Festivals & Awards:

If These Are The Last Days Of My Life

Directed By: Peony Yip
Written By: Peony Yip
Cast: Peony Yip

USA, 3 minutes

A lady talks about her experience in the coronavirus outbreak

Festivals & Awards:

You Wouldn’t Understand

Directed By: Trish Harnetiaux
Written By: Trish Harnetiaux & Jacob A. Ware
Cast: Anthony Arkin, Jacob A. Ware

USA, 10 minutes

An idyllic picnic of one is upended after the arrival of a stranger.

Festivals & Awards: