Shorts 4: Death & Life

Death & Life pairs a short documentary about a funeral director creating a new natural burial ground in Tennessee with a fun narrative short about a support group for people who have accidentally been declared dead.

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Bury Me At Taylor Hollow


Directed By: Orion Pahl
Written By: Rebekah Pahl
Cast: John Christian Phifer, Rev. and CNN Hero – Becca Stevens, Don Welch

USA, 32 minutes

After spending 15 years working in the conventional funeral industry, John Christian Phifer is paving uncharted territory to help create Larkspur Conservation—the first natural burial ground of its kind in Tennessee. Motivated by the desire to conserve land as well as provide an alternative option for burial that allows for deeper connection to death as part of life, John Christian carries the weight of a calling he’s known since childhood.

Festivals & Awards:
Nashville Film Festival

Life After Death


Directed By: Noah Glenn
Written By: Noah Glenn & Julia McCloy
Cast: Sean Harrison Jones, Ron Gephart, Darian Conley, Lisa Williams, Joseph Carr

USA, 14 minutes

When Vincent is caught digging up his own grave, two security guards are surprised to learn he has been declared dead. Soon he is invited to a “Living Dead Support Group” where the existing members share the funny stories of how they wound up legally dead, and ask Vincent to join them.

Festivals & Awards:
Indie Memphis
Oxford Film Festival
Kansas City FilmFest
Memphis Film Prize
Nashville Film Festival