Shorts 11: Modern Romance

Craiglist, ghosting, sex robots, and more. The future is here, and the future is weird.

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Sloan Hearts Neckface

Directed By: Justin Fair
Written By: Ian Grody
Cast: Clara Mamet, Raúl Castillo, Isiah Whitlock Jr.

USA, 15 minutes

Sloan has a not-so-low-key crush on Neckface, an anonymous graffiti artist. Neckface has less-than-resolved intimacy issues and a no relationship policy. Which he makes abundantly clear to his obsessive fan girl. That is, until Neckface realizes he and Sloan may be the same kind of crazy; and embarks on a mission to win her back. Which may or may not involve exploiting his roommate, stealing a much coveted pair of sneakers, and incurring the wrath of a ferocious lunch lady.

Festivals & Awards:
Tribeca Film Festival
Palm Springs Film Festival

Come F*ck My Robot

Directed By: Mercedes Bryce Morgan
Written By: Mercedes Bryce Morgan, Hunter Peterson, Reuben Guberek, Katrina Kudlick
Cast: Nicholas Alexander, Ian Abramson, Catherine Tapling

USA, 12 minutes

A virgin 18-year-old finds himself in over his head when he responds to a mysterious Craigslist post looking for someone to test a prototype sex robot only to have her not consent.

Based on a real Craigslist post.

Festivals & Awards:
Cleveland International Film Festival

The Ghosting Of Elise Montgomery

Directed By: Motke Dapp
Written By: Motke Dapp, Biz Young, Caitlin Behle
Cast: Allison Shrum, Jabe Holloway, Patrick Keegan Taft, Chelsea Cook, Alexandra Sedlak, Casey Aud, Smarmy Kyle

USA, 12 minutes

When Elise once again starts ghosting someone who doesn’t fully interest her, the ghosts of past relationships start showing up to find out what she ghosted them.

Festivals & Awards:
Cindependent Film Festival
Nashville Film Festival