Seven Short Films About (Our) Marriage

Directed By: Chris Hansen
Written By: Chris Hansen
Cast: Chynna Walker, Drez Ryan

Narrative Feature
USA, 100 minutes

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Noah and Madison are artists who want to change the world, and they begin their marriage as most couples do – full of hope and idealism, sure that their love will solve all their problems. But marriage isn’t all about the great times people post on social media. It’s also about the arguments over petty stuff, and the arguments over big stuff, and the longstanding resentments that no one wants to even bring up.

Seven Short Films About (Our) Marriage tells a story of raw authenticity in seven episodes spanning fourteen years of their marriage as they reckon with racism, career challenges, medical issues, and more.

Festivals & Awards:
Durango Independent Film Festival
ReelHeaRT Film Festival
Port Townsend Film Festival

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Directed By: Justin Joseph Hall
Written By: Piper Werle
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