Death Of A Rockstar

Directed By: Röckët Stähr
Written By: Röckët Stähr
Cast: Röckët Stähr, Abby Ahmad

Narrative Feature
USA, 91 minutes

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Death Of A Rockstar is a science-fiction, animated, retro-rock opera. Its creator, Röckët Stähr spent the last eight years animating the entire film, which he also wrote all of the music for, entirely on his own.  Additionally, he sang and performed almost all of the parts. The entire project took thirteen years to complete. Death Of A Rockstar is a fun rock n’ roll trip to the future that has its feet firmly planted in the glory days of rock. – Nat Dykeman

In the year 2164, when rock n roll is banned, a group of underground rebels, lead by a mad scientist, attempt to start a non-violent revolution by waking up the docile masses via a cloned rockstar sent on a guerrilla tour to “rock n roll them free from their misery”.

But they soon find out, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.