Shorts 9: Science Fiction

Grayslake Campus
Saturday, September 7
6:15 pm
Sunday, September 8
12:40 pm

Directed By: Bill Sebastian
Written By: Bill Sebastian & Matt Seidner
Cast: Dana Pupkin, James Thomas Gilbert, Carla Vega, Holly Hawkins, Bill Sebastian
A husband buys his wife a planet for their anniversary. Five years later, they find the national space agency at their door.
USA, 11 minutes
Festivals: LA Shorts, Pasadena

Directed By: Gordie Haakstad
Written By: Gordie Haakstad
Cast: Paul Bailey, Dawn Nagazina, Koreen Perry, Lee Savage
Lead scientist Lauren Wynne has discovered the secrets to human time travel. Now, as the first test pilot risks all to make history, there’s just one problem: they’ve fallen in love.
USA, 16 minutes
Festivals: Fargo

Directed By: P. Patrick Hogan
Written By: P. Patrick Hogan
Cast: Katie Savoy, Wolé Parks
A woman struggling to survive alone in a post-apocalyptic wasteland discovers a virtual-reality machine and escapes from her loneliness into a scenic virtual world. When she falls in love with a man inside this virtual world, she must choose between her love and her life in this romantic science fiction short film.
USA, 21 minutes
Festivals: Pasadena, Woods Hole

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