Shorts 5: Guns, Guns, Guns

Grayslake Campus
Saturday, September 7
10:00 am
Sunday, September 8
2:45 pm

Waukegan Campus
Saturday, September 7
3:40 pm
Sunday, September 8
11:20 am

The Rage of Evil: Thoughts from a Former School Shooter
Directed By: Carolyn McCulley

T.J. Stevens always knew that one day he would need to stop hiding and start talking about his past. After the 2018 Parkland school shooting, T.J. was compelled to finally go public about the day in 1982 when he became a school shooter. His memories of what led to the shooting are woven with news footage of that event, his sentencing, and an unusual appearance in Washington, DC. As T.J. watches the interrogation of Nikolas Cruz after the Parkland massacre, he highlights the elements they have in common. In this personal meditation on what motivates mass shooters, T.J. asks viewers to consider the reality of evil.
USA, 16 minutes

Gun Shop
Directed By: Patrick Smith
There are currently 393 million firearms in the US. This film shows 2328 of them. “Gun Shop” juxtaposes the frightening visual power of guns with a whimsy of Jazz percussion, and a dose of cultural irony.
USA, 3 minutes
Festivals: Port Townsend, Arizona, Woods Hole

Come & Take It
Directed By: Ellen Spiro & PJ Raval
This short documentary film captures the transformation of a young woman to leadership of America’s most irreverent anti-gun violence movement called #CocksNotGlocks. After concealed carry of handguns is legalized on the University of Texas campus, Jessica Jin posts clever humor on social media, and with the help of a tight-knit group of young female students, a movement is born: The Great Texas Dildo Revolt.
USA, 27 minutes
Festivals: SXSW, Sidewalk, New Orleans

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