We Don’t Deserve Dogs

Directed By: Matthew Salleh

Documentary Feature
USA, 84 minutes

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A contemplative odyssey across our planet, looking at the simple and extraordinary ways that dogs influence our daily lives.

Former child soldiers in Uganda. The local pub in a Scottish town. A dog walker on the streets of Istanbul. A kaleidoscope of unconventional portraits from fascinating locations.

People need dogs, and perhaps they need us, but what do humans do to deserve the unconditional love they provide?

preceded by:

American Ocelot 
Directed By: Ben Masters

USA, 33 minutes

American Ocelot tells the story of one of the most endangered and beautiful wild cats in the United States — a species so elusive that high quality images and video have never been captured until now. With fewer than 100 individuals remaining in the US, the ocelot is critically endangered, genetically isolated, and only exists in Texas. Despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent on land acquisition, research, and conservation, ocelot numbers and habitat have steadily decreased since it was listed as an endangered species. But there is hope. Their genetics can be rescued by translocations from Mexico and suitable habitat exists on private lands…. if opposing parties can come to an agreement on their management methods. American Ocelot provides a glimpse into the lives of this mysterious species, explores the nuances of the Endangered Species Act, and aims to invigorate ocelot recovery to ensure the long-term survival of the species.

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival