Shorts 10: Losing My Religion

Three tales of religious people who begin to doubt their roles within their respective faiths.

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The Priest

Directed By: Michael Vukadinovich
Written By: Michael Vukadinovich
Cast: Patton Oswalt, Mary Faber, Jason Genao, Kevin Broberg, Noëlle Renée Bercy, Malcolm Madera, Ginger Gonzagna

USA, 17 minutes

In a lonely desert town a suicidal priest makes a decision that kicks into motion a series of strange events leading him to an unexpected discovery. Is it coincidence or miraculous?

Festivals & Awards:
Florida Film Festival
Indy Shorts
Sidewalk Film Festival


Directed By: Matteo Mosterts
Written By: Matteo Mosterts & Ariane Thielenhaus
Cast: Beth Grant, Marcelo Tubert

USA, 5 minutes

A catholic nun decides to break her vows and go back to find the man she fell in love with, 20 years ago.

The Seeker

Directed By: Lance Edmands
Cast: Kenneth Copp

USA, 19 minutes

Kenneth Copp is a furniture maker form rural Maine who spent decades of his life in old-order Amish communities. But when he began to question his faith, Kenneth was shunned from the church, unable to communicate with his family or do business with his neighbors. Despite the ensuing hardship, Kenneth has been able to persevere, driven by a quest for greater understanding about what it means to live in accordance with your beliefs.

Festivals & Awards: