Directed By: Kd Amond
Written By: Kd Amond & Sarah Zanotti
Cast: Sarah Zanotti, Elisabeth Donaldson

Narrative Feature
USA, 86 minutes

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Upon her mother’s death, Michelle Daniels returns home where she’s unexpectedly reunited with her estranged and acutely mentally ill sister Addison. What Michelle intended to be a quick trip to settle the family succession, spirals out of control as her sister displays an increasingly sinister obsession.

Festivals & Awards:
Nashville Film Festival

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Directed By: Tawan Bazemore
Written By: Tawan Bazemore
Cast: Crystal Porter-Bazemore, Jennifer Althen Beacham

USA, 15 minutes

Photographer Isabelle Pisano becomes hearing-impaired after a violent car accident. As she struggles to cope in the muffled and scary new normal something beautifully-terrifying happens…

Festivals & Awards:
Indie Short Fest
Golden State Film Festival

Together Till The End

Directed By: Salvador Medina
Written By: Salvador Medina
Cast: Jimena Bilsup, Rolando Breme

Mexico, 8 minutes

When Elena and Joaquín are about to break up, something gets in their way: the zombie apocalypse has started.