Shorts 1: #dating

A humorous look at the ups and downs of modern dating.

Grayslake Campus
Friday, September 6
9:30 pm
Sunday, September 8
10:00 am
3:45 pm

Kim’s Big Date
Directed by: Claire McFadden
Written By: Claire McFadden
Cast: Kim Quindlen, Alex Moss

It takes a small village to prepare for such a big date.
USA, 9 minutes

Sac De Merde
Directed by: Greg Chwerchak
Written By: Greg Chwerchak & Gabrielle Berberich
Cast: Arielle Haller-Silverstone, David Fumero

Based on a true story, “Sac de Merde” tells the tale of Mazel Mankewicz, an unlucky-in-love yet irrationally optimistic New Yorker who thinks her luck has changed when she spends the night with the man of her dreams. As it turns out, he might just be full of shit. Literally.
USA, 9 minutes

All the Men You Would Sleep With Were You Not In A Relationship With Tyler (Whom Of Course You Love)
Directed by: Mac Eldridge & Tom Dean 
Written By: Tom Dean
Cast: Shunori Ramanthan, Susan Tackenberg, George Sample III, Joseph Soeder

Unable to sleep with her boyfriend snoring next to her, a woman fantasizes about the five men she would be with were she not in her current relationship.
USA, 7 minutes

Happy Ending
Directed by: Fernando González Gómez
Written By: Fernando González Gómez
Cast: Mariam Hernández, Nico Verona

Romance was always much simpler in the movies…
Spain, 4 minutes

Swipe Right
Directed by: Corbin Schweitzer
Written By: Corbin Schweitzer
Cast: Kim Quindlen, Alex Moss
Overly confident, shallow Andrew is on a trajectory for a major dating crash and burn. Thinking he could out-maneuver and out-swipe the female gender, he sets himself up with back to back dates at his favorite Seattle pub. He soon discovers traffic and karma play a role in his downfall as yet a third prospective date arrives on the scene.

Set in a lively Seattle restaurant and shot in one take, Swipe Right captures the superficiality of today’s online dating scene through comedy and expression, testing the limits of our own ability to live in the world we create.
USA, 10 minutes

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