Romance Analyst

Directed by: Rachel Wortell
Written By: Rachel Wortell
Cast: Peter Vack, Lily Meyer, Jeff Kahn, Eleanore Pienta

USA, 92 minutes

Grayslake Campus
Friday, September 6
6:00 pm
Saturday, September 7
7:30 pm
Sunday, September 8
1:30 pm

Felicia, a woman who is feeling uninspired by her filmmaking career and spiraling into a comedic depression, starts seeing a therapist, at her best friend Max’s recommendation. Soon, she becomes enamored with this new woman in her life, but when things eventually start to feel off, she wonders who this woman really is. ††

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Directed By: Stacey Davis
Written By: Stacey Davis
Cast: Virginia Newcomb, Brian Childers, Poppy Cunningham, Jonathan Lee Taylor

With her father dying of cancer, Helen has high hopes for the family’s last Easter together.
USA, 12 minute

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