Spring 2024 Screening Series at The Savoy 16 + IMAX in Savoy, IL

Hi, this is Nat Dykeman, the director of The Lake County Film Festival. I’m starting a new film festival in the Champaign Area. In fact, it’s so new, it doesn’t have a name yet, so I’m using the Lake County Film Festival page to host information about a 3-movie screening series that we’re holding this spring at the Savoy 16 + IMAX. All three screenings are on the last Sunday of the month, at 4:00pm. Tickets are available at https://the-lake-county-film-festival.square.site/

March 31
QWERTY (Free Screening)
directed by Bill Sebastian

When I envisioned showing a series of movies to my new hometown, I only ever thought of one film to start it. The narrative feature that I produced ten years ago, called QWERTY. This film was such a big part of my life, and something I’m incredibly proud of. Released in 2012, Roger Ebert called it “charming, winning and sweet“.

Before introverted word-nerd Zoe gains the courage to enter the National Scrabble Championship, she meets her emotional match in Marty, an irascible recluse. She finds him equally pitted against the opposing forces in her life – other people – including family, co-workers and a couple of particularly irksome adversaries standing in the way of her dream to become the world’s second female National Scrabble Champion.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with at least Producer Nat Dykeman. I’m hoping to entice some other people who worked on the film to come down from Chicago.

April 28
Trapped Balloon
directed by Hiroyuki Miyagawa

Rinko (Tôko Miura from the Academy-Award winning Drive My Car) has been estranged from her ailing father since her mother died, decides to visit him on the island where he lives and ask his advice about an impending career decision. During her visit, she becomes suspicious of a reclusive young fisherman named Kenji, who lives in her father’s neighborhood, and brings him freshly caught fish without explanation. What would usually be a set-up for a blossoming romance between the two young leads instead turns into something much more poignant under the hand of writer/director Miyagawa and his spectacular cast.

In Japanese, with subtitles.

May 26
Bike Vessel
directed by Eric D. Seals

Pulled pork, ribs, and liverwurst sandwiches — these are a few of the Southern delicacies filmmaker Eric D. Seals grew up eating alongside his father, Donnie Seals, Sr. But after facing death and undergoing the first of three quadruple bypass operations, the elder Seals decided to completely overhaul his life. Bike Vessel chronicles Donnie’s new chapter after becoming an avid cyclist, and follows the two men as they set out on an epic bike ride from St. Louis to Chicago.

Filled with flat tires, GPS snafus, and fast-food detours, the documentary is both a funny document of a father-son road trip and a powerful social statement. Through Eric and Donnie’s relationship, it takes a hard look at health disparities in the Black community and the systemic racism plaguing the well-being of Black men in America.

This screening is expected to be followed by a Q&A with Eric D. Seals, who may bring additional participants with him.