Shorts 9: Local Shorts

A collection of films created in the Chicagoland area.

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E.R. A.M.

Directed By: Will Schneider
Written By: Will Schneider
Cast: Hailey Lechelt, Michael Kevin Martin, Mariela Stewart, Sienna Stewart, Janice Hasegawa, Bobby Budds

USA, 8 minutes

Six strangers bond as they wait to get into the emergency room.

Festivals & Awards:
Midwest Film Festival

Cool For Five Seconds

Directed By: Dani Wieder
Written By: Calamity West
Cast: Katherine Bourne Taylor, Mary Tilden

USA, 12 minutes

When Colleen reunites with her estranged sister, things don’t go exactly as she planned.

Festivals & Awards:
Beloit Film Festival
Indie Shorts Film Festival
deadCenter Film Festival
Midwest Film Festival
Bend Film Festival

Everything’s Fine

Directed By: Danny Rhodes
Written By: Lisa Cisneros
Cast: Maura Kidwell, Mickey O’Sullivan, Olive James Oakes, Robyn Coffin, Natalie West

USA, 13 minutes

A new mother suffering from postpartum OCD is plagued by intrusive thoughts and vivid images of harming her baby. Ashamed at herself for even thinking these thoughts and afraid her baby will be taken from her, she tells no one. But it’s okay because she’d never actually hurt her baby, or would she?

Festivals & Awards:
Sidewalk Film Festival 
Horrible Imaginings

Long Ride Home

Directed By: Dame Pierre
Written By: Charles Andrew Gardner
Cast: Charles Andrew Gardner, Byron Coolie, Ambria Sylvian

USA, 7 minutes

Brandon, is an affluent African-American who has clawed tooth and nail to success, resenting anyone not willing to put in the same amount of discipline. However, Brandon’s perspective is challenged during an Uber ride to his old neighborhood.

Festivals & Awards:
Cleveland International Film Festival
Cordillera International Film Festival