Shorts 18: The Souls Of Black Folk

Here is a collection of shorts that highlights the humanity and trials of Black Folks. Each film in its unique way examines the human experience, holding stereotypes up to close scrutiny and dispelling them at the same time. The shorts also explore the W.E.B. DuBois’s double consciousness; who Black people are under the white gaze and who Black people truly are in their own thoughts and in safe spaces. Together these shorts, reveal how shared struggles and the generosity of spirit binds us all as people.
Warning! You will catch feels!
– Jamil Johnson

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Feeling Through

Directed By: Doug Roland
Written By: Doug Roland
Cast: Steven Prescod, Robert Tarango

USA, 18 minutes

Feeling Through’ is the first film to feature a DeafBlind actor in a lead role. It’s a coming of age story that follows Tereek, a teen wandering the streets of New York, desperate for a place to crash when he encounters Artie, a DeafBlind man in need of help getting home. What begins as an awkward meeting between strangers, quickly becomes an intimate bond between friends, and a journey that forever changes Tereek.

Festivals & Awards:
Woods Hole Film Festival – Best Dramatic Short
Florida Film Festival
Indy Shorts 
Port Townsend Film Festival

Brooklyn Park

Directed By: Nikola Duravcevic
Written By: Elizabeth Rose
Cast: Nikola Duravcevic, Emily Ziff Griffin, Stephanie Marin, Gerardo Coello Escalante

USA, 15 minutes

Alone in New York, Somali rideshare driver Abdi begins his nightshift with the news of a tragedy back home. The faces in the backseat change as he wrestles, unable to connect, with whether the unthinkable can be true—until a vision provides the clarity he seeks. This is a modern-day immigrant tale that explores alienation, grief, and transcendence.

Festivals & Awards:
Palm Springs Shorts Fest
Indie Memphis Film Festival
Newport Beach Film Festival
Woodstock Film Festival

In A Lifetime

Directed By: Frantzy Moreau
Written By: Frantzy Moreau
Cast: Frantzy Moreau, Joseph Henry Jr., Christopher Sanchez Jr.

USA, 15 minutes

Olly and Ade are two friends who cherish their bond and relationship. However, one strives to leave the environment by any means while the other grows dependent on the friendship.

Festivals & Awards:
Miami Film Festival
Oxford Film Festival
Queen Palm Film Festival