Shorts 17: Shutterbugs

These shorts are all about the magic of photography.

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Directed By: Melody Gilbert
Cast: Michael Deering

USA, 4 minutes

Every day for the past 23 years, Michael has taken a single picture with a film camera. 

Festivals & Awards:
Cleveland International Film Festival
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival

A Million Eyes

Directed By: Richard Raymond
Written By: Curt Zacharias Jr.
Cast: Elijah M Cooper, Katie Lowes, Joe Morton

USA, 24 minutes

A gifted young photographer, grappling with his mother’s alcoholism, sets out to capture something he loves.

Festivals & Awards:
Raindance Film Festival
Hiroshima International Film Festival


Directed By: Brett Cramer
Written By: Ryan Sheppard
Cast: Meg Cashel, Felix Birdie, Evan Littman

USA, 9 minutes

Riley’s photoshoot doesn’t go as expected.

The World Is A Skatepark: Photographer J. Grant Brittain

Directed By: Bill Wisneski
Written By: Bill Wisneski & Chad Richmond
Cast: Tony Hawk

USA, 13 minutes

The World is a Skatepark shares the work and stories of legendary skateboarding photographer J. Grant Brittain. In his 40-years as a photographer, he captured some of the most iconic images in skate history, documenting the rise of future pro skaters like Tony Hawk.