Shorts 16: Shorts With Kids

Historically, it’s been hard to find enough independent short films aimed at younger audiences to program an entire shorts block. This year was no different. I was, however, able to program a collection of films with children in them. 

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La Sirena

Directed By: Matteo Servente
Written By: Melissa Sweazy
Cast: Beth Grant, John Diehl, Max Havens

USA, 13 minutes

The lives of Penny, the nighttime police dispatcher, and Nino, the barber, get turned upside down when 10-year-old Speed drives a stolen muscle car into their small rural town, looking for a Mermaid.

Festivals & Awards:
Chattanooga Film Festival
Nashville Film Festival

Kokokids Of Paris

Directed By: Alexia Colette
Written By: Alexia Colette
Cast: Chaya Kama, Lou-Ann Zozime, Lawa Fauquet, Redda Terki

France, 15 minutes

Two girls get away in a dreamy adventure until they face the harsh reality surrounding their lives and that of more and more kids in Paris. The Kokokids of Paris. Glowing on the inside, while living in the shadows.

Festivals & Awards:
Boston International Film Festival
Queens International Film Festival

My Hero

Directed By: Logan Jackson
Written By: Logan Jackson
Cast: Avery Jade, Kj Roberson, Kash Roberson

USA, 13 minutes

As last-minute plans for a babysitter fall apart, eight-year-old Brandon is left alone to oversee his younger brother Mason

They Grow Up So Fast

Directed By: Michael Pomaro
Written By: Michael Pomaro
Cast: Evelyn Pomaro, Mia Pomaro, Liam Ratliff

USA, 8 minutes

Two sisters are home alone in a post-apocalyptic world when danger comes knocking.