Shorts 15: Science Fiction Shorts

Science Fiction Triple Feature.

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Directed By: Soma Helmi
Written By: Soma Helmi
Cast: Patrick Gorman, Sheila Cutchlow

USA, 8 minutes

Captain Mira Bernhard is finally home after a lengthy mission to the new planet, GAIA – humanity’s last hope. But what’s only been a 5-year trip for her, has been 45-year wait for her husband.

Honor Among Thieves

Directed By: Justin Eugene Evans
Written By: Justin Eugene Evans
Cast: Jason R. Moore, Michael B. Tabb

USA, 10 minutes

When a planet-hopping cowboy-criminal (Jason R. Moore, Marvel’s The Punisher) returns to New Mexico after a heist-gone-wrong, he expects a hero’s welcome. Instead, he finds his mutinous crew have decided he’s no longer in charge.

Festivals & Awards:
Beloit Film Festival

In Orbit

Directed By: Katie McNeice
Written By: Katie McNeice
Cast: Áine Ní Mhuirí, Olwen Fouéré, Claire Loy, Michael-David McKernan, Sarah Kinlen

USA, 17 minutes

There was once an invisible optician, living in a strange and lonely world. Her story starts with a broken lens and the woman who taught her to see things differently.

Festivals & Awards:
Galway Film Fleadh – Special Jury Mention
Newport Beach Film Festival


Directed By: Mitchell Smalenski
Written By: Aubrey J. Woodard
Cast: Ellis Cox-McAllister

USA, 13 minutes

In a near future where time travel has become a luxurious commodity, Anna chooses to travel to the past in hopes of saving her mother. Her decision forces her to break the law, alter the past, and risk everything to avoid a future full of guilt. Anna must navigate her nearly forgotten past and convince a younger version of herself that she barely recognizes to take action. All this and a very small window of time to succeed.