Shorts 13: OMG! WTF!

Some festivals call it The Late Shift, Midnight Madness, or the Graveyard Shit, but the ideas are all the same: short films that are so shocking they need a warning label attached. While I’ve never programmed one before, I have gleefully put this collection together for you, and I knew I was on the right track when two of them bothered me so much I didn’t even want to read their descriptions again. 

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Talk Outside 

Directed By: Austin Davison
Written By: Austin Davison
Cast: Zach Scott, Corey Oldham

USA, 7 minutes

When two tough guys leave a bar to fight, their search for the right spot becomes an adventure.

Festivals & Awards:

Moneybag Head

Directed By: Patrick O’Brien
Written By: Patrick O’Brien
Cast: Chris Grace, Cathryn Mudon, Henry Rollins, Rachel Winfree

USA, 16 minutes

Dennis, a lonely sad sack with an unfortunate cranial deformity, finds himself romantically entangled with Catherine, a charming political cartoonist. After the two share an intensely intimate night together, Dennis is happier than he’s ever been… until he sees Catherine’s latest cartoon.

Festivals & Awards:
Atlanta Film Festival

Oh Deer

Directed By: Richard C. Jones
Written By: Richard C. Jones
Cast: Gideon Jones, Richard C. Jones

USA, 5 minutes

Parenting is more than a bump in the road.

Festivals & Awards:


Directed By: Jan-David Bolt
Written By: Jan-David Bolt
Cast: Fabian Vogt, Giorgina Hämmerli, Greta Massie

USA, 9 minutes

Humans spend five years of their lives thinking about food. This film may not change that.

Festivals & Awards:
Palm Springs International Film Festival


Directed By: Andy Mills
Written By: Andy Mills
Cast: George Basil

USA, 5 minutes

After learning he has an abnormally small brain, John is prescribed a gun to kill himself. Unfortunately, he learns a gunshot to the head is not quite sufficient for his affliction.