Shorts 2: Action! Shorts

This collection of exciting short films is bookended by two fun and lively action films in the spirit of Edgar Wright & Luc Besson. At the center is a thrilling and tense film about a hunted woman.

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The Collector

Directed By: Godefroy Ryckewaert
Written By: Godefroy Ryckewaert & Kelvin Liu
Cast: Maxime Ecoiffier, Maxence Cazorla, Maxime Ginolin

France, 8 minutes

A Collector is sent to claim a past due electricity bill at a bizarre nightclub, where he quickly discovers why it has become the latest “craze”

The Doe

Directed By: Jennifer Lumbroso
Written By: Jennifer Lumbroso
Cast: Helene Kuhn

France, 18 minutes

Helene is spending what seems to be a romantic week-end in French countryside until she has an argument with her lover and gets furious. She decides to flee away and finds herself into rural landscapes, clueless. Nature takes back its rights. The hunt is open. Helene becomes « the doe ».

Festivals & Awards:
BiFan Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
Portland Horror Film Festival

The Speed Of Time

Directed By: William J. Stribling
Written By: William J. Stribling & Russ Nickel
Cast: John Hennigan, Sean Marquette, Nic Nemeth, Alex Jennings, Michole Briana White 

USA, 13 minutes

Future cop Johnny Killfire (John Hennigan) must go back in time and team up with his former self (Sean Marquette) in order to stop the TimeBorgs from getting their hands on an app that could break the space-time continuum by delivering pizzas into the past…before they were even ordered.