Shorts 4: Gender Studies 101

Grayslake Campus
Friday, September 6
8:15 pm
Saturday, September 7
2:45 pm
Sunday, September 8
6:15 pm

Lady Parts
Directed By: Erin Rye & Jessica Sherif
Written By: Erin Rye & Rob Frings
Cast: Keller Wortham, Michael Rose, Phillip Daniel

Lady Parts follows Liz, a struggling actor who goes from dancing tampon to her first real break, playing a meaty role in a financial drama by an acclaimed up-and-coming director…only to discover that things aren’t what they seem. She experiences a series of funny-because-they’re-true setbacks and putdowns as she barrels toward her breaking point and has to decide what is more important: her dignity or her career.
Lady Parts offers scathing social commentary on a woman’s place in the workplace (in this case, a Hollywood film set) disguised as a life-sized, tap-dancing tampon.
USA, 10 minutes

Consent: A Short Comedy About A Serious Subject
Directed By: Kimmy Gatewood
Written By: Rebekka Johnson
Cast: Rebekka Johnson, Tate Ellington, Jackie Tohn, Oscar Montoya
A singer ignores her fan’s consent in this romantic comedy gone wrong. An allegory about sexual assault with absolutely no sex.
USA 12 minutes

White Guys Solve Sexism  
Directed By: Christopher Guerrero
Written By: Eric Roth
Cast: Max Baumgarten, Leah Lamarr, Kyle Helf
Because of the Harvey Weinstein scandal two men realize that all of their favorite movies are now sexist, leading them down a dark path of discovery.
USA, 7 minutes
Festivals: Cinequest, Santa Barbara

Woman In Stall
Directed By: Madeleine Sims-Fewer & Dusty Mancinelli
Written By: Josh Boles
Cast: Ben Kerfoot, Madeleine Sims-Fewer
A woman finds herself trapped in a bathroom stall by a man whose intentions are not entirely clear.
Canada, 10 minutes
Festivals: Slamdance, Calgary, Austin

Hook Up 2.0
Directed By: Dana Nachman
Written By: Dana Nachman
Cast: Veronica Dunne, Billy Meade
A sorority girl figures out a way to eliminate all risk from the late-night ritual that is the college hook up. Now all she needs is to find a guy to test out her idea on… and with. 
USA, 7 minutes
Festivals: Tribeca, Cinequest

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