Eternal Winter

Directed by: Attila Szász
Written By: Attila Szász & Norbert Köbli
Cast: Maina Gera, Diána Magdolna Kiss, Franciska Farkas, Laura Döbrösi, Niké Kurta, Sándor Csányi

Hungary, 88 minutes

Grayslake Campus
Saturday, September 7
1:15 pm
Sunday, September 8
7:15 pm

Christmas 1944. Soviet soldiers invade Hungary and drag every young ethnic German woman away from a small village and transport them to a Soviet labour camp where they are forced to work in the coal mines under inhuman conditions. This is where Irén meets fellow prisoner Rajmund, who decides to teach her how to survive. While she is determined to return home to her little daughter and family, history and fate have a different plan: Irén and Rajmund fall in love. Based on a true story. 

‘Eternal Winter’ is the very first feature film about the 700,000 Hungarian victims of the Soviet labour camps whose stories remained untold for over 70 years

Festivals & Awards:

Raindance Film Festival
Heartland International Film Festival
Sedona International Film Festival

preceded by:

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