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Narrative Short

United States, 8 Minutes
Directors Christopher B. Derrick, William A. Derrick III
Producers Jazmen Darnell Brown, Rashad Mubarak,
Cast Skylan Brooks, Christian Robinson, Walnette Marie Santiago, Jasmine Robinson, Terayle Hill, Desi Banks, Lazelle Brown

The Westbound Eastbound Remix


Canada, 5 Minutes
Director Rohan Shaanti
Producer Rohan Bader
Executive Producer
Cinematographer Rohan Bader / Tom Khan
Music By Jugular and Naya Guzman
Composer Jugular
Cast Various


Narrative Short

UK, 8 Minutes
Director Ben Desmond
Producer Karen Stirgwolt
Executive Producers Eloise Smyth, Bill Milner
Cinematographer Tania Freimuth
Music By
Composer Miguel d'Oliveira
Cast Eloise Smyth, Bill Milner, Julia Carlile, Finn Jonah Whiting, Malcolm Tomlinson

The Wind and The Kite

Complicated Short

USA, 6 Minutes
Director Robert Machoian and Keely Song
Producers Laura Heberton, Robert Machoian
Cinematographer Oscar Ignacio Jiménez
Music By William Ryan Fritch
Composer William Ryan Fritch
Cast Bronte Hopkins, Roman Gabriel Curiel

Night Music

Narrative Short

United States , 14 Minutes
Executive Producer Huffman Studio
Cinematographer Michael Belcher
Music By 22, Little Red, Tangle Eye, Hard Hair, Doris McMurry, Unidentifed Huntsville Penitentary Convicts
Composer Ryder McNair
Cast David Patrick Kelly, Michael Potts, Kevin Breznahan, Luke Slattery, Manny Dunn

The Escape

Complicated Short

Russia, 9 Minutes
Director Liudmila Komrakova
Producer Liudmila Komrakova
Cinematographer Vyacheslav Kazantcev
Music By El Cachivache Quinteto
Composer El Cachivache Quinteto
Cast Katerina Zak, Maria Marinova