Shorts 14: Queer Shorts

This program has the L, the G, and the B.

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Fortunate Country

Directed By: Kristin Jordan Tripe & Julia Hinson
Written By: Kristin Jordan Tripe
Cast: Kristin Jordan Tripe, Regina Palmer, Haley Haas, Aaron McCauley

USA, 23 minutes

Two small-town women in the rural Midwest confront their feelings for one another and explore the quiet romance unexpectedly blossoming out of their long friendship. A modern adaptation of the 1913 Willa Cather novel, ‘O Pioneers!’, this naturalistic drama follows one young woman who is restlessly trying to reconcile her past so that she can escape her hometown, and another clutching on to a quiet life in the country.

Festivals & Awards:
Omaha Film Festival
Nashville Film Festival


Directed By: Hank Braxton
Written By: Ray Chao
Cast: Will Barratt, Ray Chao, Steve Gelder

USA, 7 minutes

Two bros grab lunch and the conversation gets real…awkward.

More Than He Knows

Directed By: Fiona Dawson
Written By: Chris McNeany
Cast: Helena-Alexis Seymour, Chris McNeany, Julian Fletcher, Kim Estes

USA, 14 minutes

When a happily married couple go on a routine staycation, the wife demonstrates that she knows her husband better than he knows himself.

Festivals & Awards: