Shorts 1: #BLM

One of the few good things to come out of 2020 is that the Black Lives Matter movement has reached majority support in the United States. These shorts cover the breadth of what the movement is about, from the final words of those lost, to the protests in the streets, to where people stand (or don’t) on the National Anthem.

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Run Free

Directed By: Brandon Ravet
Written By: Brandon Ravet & Phredley Brown 
Cast: Phredley Brown, Dana Melanie, Marc Evan Jackson, Joshua Funk, Amber Friendly, Tajh Bellow, Brett Guennel, & Tim Robinson

USA, 15 minutes

After a Black country singer is offered the chance to sing the National Anthem at the high school football state championship, he is forced to choose between career and cause. Featuring original songs by Phredley Brown (Guitarist and Music Director for Bruno Mars).

Festivals & Awards:
Pan African Film Festival

Dear Bruh: A Baptism. A Eulogy. A Call to Action

Directed By: Ya’Ke
Written By: Ya’Ke
Cast: Vladimir Versailles, Ace Anderson, Morocco Omari, Roger Reeves, Marc Pouhe, Ja’Michael Darnell

USA, 9 minutes

A short on the current movement for Black Lives. About love and loss. About Justice. About honoring those lost as America struggles to become an Anti-racist nation.


Directed By: Susan Misner
Written By: Susan Misner
Cast: Jeffrey Dickinson Duffy, Troy Ogilvie

USA, 11 minutes

Bend is a love story that charts the distance between its lovers. A single gesture of political activism lays bare the fragile balance of a relationship, revealing how we all struggle with our past in the effort to forge a more honest future.


Directed By: Mischa Meyer
Written By: Mischa Meyer
Cast: Diezel Braxton-Lewis, Lamel Dixon, Tyrin Niles, John Woods

USA, 13 minutes

Being fed up as police brutality in his city gets worse, a teenager from South LA – Ant, 14 – is faced with the decision to join protesters one night, or his older brother and his friends, as they plan a robbery. Luckily for them, Ant knows a place that could hold the perfect score. What they don’t know: It’s sitting in a comic book store, in which the four boys find a moment of unexpected childhood innocence, until reality eventually catches up on them and things take a turn for the worse.

Festivals & Awards:
Florida Film Festival
Indy Film Fest